An oasis of hope in the land of suicides

Since the implementation of Phad irrigation, a low cost and eco-friendly system that works without electricity, agricultural production has increased improving the situation of farmers in Yavatmal.
7 Sep 2014
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A check dam constructed by Dilasa in Dhangarwadi
A check dam constructed by Dilasa in Dhangarwadi

Yavatmal, a district in Maharashtra, has gained popularity more for the number of farmer suicides than anything else in recent years. Since 2001, more than 2700 cases of suicide have been registered in this district alone. Poor water availability, low agriculture production and increasing debts are the major causes for suicide. 

To improve the condition of farmers in Vidarbha, Dilasa Sanstha, an NGO based in Yavatmal, has tried to implement the Phad irrigation system in their lands. 

What is the Phad irrigation system?

Phad irrigation is a diversion-based irrigation system developed on a check dam. The rainwater or flowing water from the river is diverted to a nearby field using gravity through a diversion weir, contour canal or PVC pipe. Phad irrigation is a low cost and eco-friendly technological solution for the farmers as it does not need elecricity. Within a year from implementing the Phad system, farmers have started reaping benefits and agriculture production has increased substantially.

The video titled ‘Phad irrigation- an oasis of hope in the land of suicides’ gives an overview of this sustainable solution.


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