First river interlinking project initiated

The Ken-Betwa river link (Source: Shannon)
The Ken-Betwa river link (Source: Shannon)

Interlinking of Ken-Betwa rivers initiated

The groundwork for the country's first interlinking project - the Ken-Betwa river link - has been initiated, following approval from the Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh Governments. The project envisages building a dam on the Ken river along with a 221 km canal to transfer the surplus water of the Ken to the Betwa basin. The project is expected to benefit over 13 lakh people in Bundelkhand. Also, the Madhya Pradesh government has given its nod to the mandatory alternative land in compensation to the habitat loss of the Panna Tiger Reserve.

Clearance given to the Rs 2,000-crore Kundaliya Major Irrigation Project in Madhya Pradesh

The Environment Ministry has just approved the Kundaliya Major Irrigation Project in Madhya Pradesh, worth Rs 2,000 crore. The project, which is an integral part of the Parbati-Kalisindh-Chambal river linking project, involves constructing a dam on the Kalisindh river in Rajgarh and Shajapur districts of Madhya Pradesh. With this project, the Government has cleared one part of the bigger interlinking project, thus avoiding the need to assess the overall impact of river interlinking.

MERI to conduct reservoir sedimentation survey of dams across the nation

The Maharashtra Engineering Research Institute (MERI) is all set to undertake a reservoir sedimentation survey of 30 dams across 15 states. The survey, which aims to get the exact water storage and silt percentage in the dams, will be conducted using remote sensing technology and global information system. The survey will begin next summer or monsoon and is expected to bring in a profit of Rs. 60 lakh to MERI.

Barrage across Ganga not a good idea: Bihar Water Resources Minister

The Water Resources Minister of Bihar has shown reservations towards the Centre's decision to build a barrage across the Ganga. Stating the impacts of the Farakka barrage on the river, the Minister has said that the Allahabad-Haldia waterway project, that involves building of barrage in Ganga river every 100 km, will be deterimental to the river's health. He also mentioned that no information was given to the Bihar Government on the project, even though 450 km of the Ganga passes through the state.

Global ocean health gets a score of 67/100

The Ocean Health Index for 2014, scores the health of oceans 67 out of 100 and the seas surronding the Indian peninsula score a below average 61. The basis of the assessment is 10 widely-held public goals such as food provision, coastal livelihoods and economies, carbon storage, coastal protection, clean waters, biodiversity and tourism. Also, in order to discuss ways to save oceans from the threat of plastic pollution, scientists from across the world gathered in Greece for the 16th Global Meeting of the Regional and Seas Conventions Action Plans (RSCAP).

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