Disasters build on the impacts of the past
A new UN University report indicates how disasters around the world are interconnected Amita Bhaduri posted 1 week 3 days ago

A new report, Interconnected Disaster Risks 2020/2021, released recently by the United Nations University – Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) viewed di

When a cyclone and a pandemic combine (Image: UNU-EHS/Tanmay Chakraborty)
Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Total Dissolved Solids
Here is a compilation of answers received on India Water Portal on queries related to TDS. iwp posted 1 week 4 days ago

The most popular FAQs are listed below. Please click on a topic to view more detailed information:

Safe drinking water, crucial to protect health (Image Source: PxHere)
India needs to wake up to severe air pollution
With each new report, the number of polluted cities in India is increasing Amita Bhaduri posted 2 weeks ago

Two studies released on September 1, 2021, on the damage to human health due to increasing air pollution in India have revealed very worrying facts.

According to a Greenpeace India report released on January 21, 2020, 80 per cent of the country's cities are polluted by national standards (Image: Max Pixel, License CC0)
Transforming wall paintings into speaking walls
An innovative initiative for awareness building and communication on water quality issues Amita Bhaduri posted 2 weeks ago

If you travel to rural India, you can find wall paintings near bus stands or compound walls of schools or walls of a Panchayat office adorned with messages.

Fluoride contamination is leaving villagers crippled, while authorities struggle to find solutions. (Image: India Water Portal)
Revival of Dohas in tribal Madhya Pradesh
Nala widening and deepening to increase water storage and recharge capacity of the stream Amita Bhaduri posted 2 weeks 2 days ago

The most important precondition to make farming profitable for small and marginal tribal farmers residing in undulating terrains

Dohas constructed in a stream in Dindori district. (Image: Action for Social Advancement)
Behaviour change by design, not by accident
Design processes if followed diligently can lead to robust interventions that have an effective impact Amita Bhaduri posted 2 weeks 2 days ago

Over the last 10 years or so, I have engaged in designing behaviour change interventions that have been rolled out by governments, foundations, NGO

Total Sanitation Campaign program of the Government of India (Image: UNICEF and Department of Drinking Water Supply, GoI)
Desilting their way to water sufficiency
Augmenting tank storage has good impact on the livelihood options of the poor and the marginalised. Amita Bhaduri posted 2 weeks 6 days ago

For over 1,200 livestock of Cheemanahalli, located in the Abludu Gram Panchayat of Sidlaghatta Block, Chikkaballapur District, the village’s cattle pond is the only source of drinking water.

The village pond after the rehabilitation (Image: FES)
Learning about safe water practices and solutions
Safe water learning cards being used to train a wide spectrum of stakeholders Amita Bhaduri posted 3 weeks ago

If you are a practitioner, working in the areas of water and sanitation, it is likely that you are building capacities of different people. What if you had a simple but versatile tool that can help build awareness and capacities; that can surface questions and answers and do this for communities, government officials and CSOs?

Different combinations of safe water learning cards can be customised for a session based on the target audience (Image: INREM)
Kudrati kheti (natural farming) - A manual in Hindi
Farming the natural way - going back to the age old traditions and practices Amita Bhaduri posted 3 weeks 1 day ago

This manual (third edition) in Hindi developed by Rajinder Chaudhary on natural farming, also known as organic, zero budget or alternative farming, is an attempt to spread awareness among Indian farmers about the above sustainable agriculture methods.

Arghyam is looking for Manager - Advocacy
The position is designed to support advocacy and communications with different stakeholders who operate at scale - across government agencies, civil society organisations and market actors. Swati Bansal posted 3 weeks 4 days ago

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