Heat wave claims over 500 lives in the country

Heat wave engulfs the country (Source: PTI)
Heat wave engulfs the country (Source: PTI)

Over 500 people succumb to killer heat wave

Several parts of the country are reeling under ever rising temperatures that have claimed over 500 lives. Most deaths have occurred in southern parts of India, primarily from heatstroke and extreme dehydration. The capital has recorded a temperature of 43.5C. Per predictions, the heatwave will soon turn to a severe heatwave, while the monsoon is set to hit southern India’s coastline on May 31.

Police demolish houses of Polavaram project affected people

Another case of police behaving badly with project affected people comes to light and this time the victims are the villagers whose village will be submerged by the Polavaram project. The Police and Revenue Department entered Angaluru village in Andhra Pradesh's East Godavari District and started demolishing houses. Nine tribal youths protested the move and were taken into police custody. Villagers, who have been compensated with money, are demanding land for land in the same region as per the Land Act.

India 24th among 70 countries on Environmental Democracy Index

India has been ranked 24th in the first Environmental Democracy Index, launched by the World Resources Institute (WRI) and Access Initiative. The index aims to evaluate nations' progress in enacting laws to promote transparency, accountability and citizen engagement in environmental decision making. Among the 70 countries assessed, Lithuania topped the list. According to WRI, the index will help Governments provide more transperancy and rights to ordinary citizens.

UP biggest contributor to India's agricultural sector

As per a study by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham), Uttar Pradesh has come out as the biggest contributor to India's agriculture and allied sector. As of 2013-14, the state has contributed 13% to the sector, that in turn contributed nearly 22% to UP's Gross State Domestic Product for the same year. In its study, Assocham has also provided recommendations to the state for improving its agricultural scenario.

Smart management helped Madhya Pradesh raise 20 lakh hectars of new irrigation land for less than Rs 2,000 crore

In just four years, Madhya Pradesh was able to increase its irrigation potential by 20 lakh hectares. This is because State Authorities have made a diligent effort to replace the lazy management of canal irrigation with proactive, vigorous and result-oriented approach. For less than Rs 2000 crore, authorities were able to create irrigation potential of 30 lakh hectares, and set an example of 'minimum government, maximum governance'.

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