What should be submersible pump condition for rainwater direct injecting to borewell?

Sir, I'm looking at rainwater direct injecting to borewell after filtration of rainwater through filters and recharge pit

Details as follows:
Roof Area: 2200 SqFt
Is this water portable ?


Have got a borewell at my house, but it has very hard water. Can using a softener make it portable or does it require softener & RO. Any other suggestions would be great. Attached a…

Borewell water contains iron. May I use it for construction of buildings?


My borewell water contains 1 mg/l of iron. IS456:2000 explains that iron presence is not suitable for construction purposes. I don't have any alternative may I use it? If I use it…

Need info on borewell drilling machine

Requirement of 400 feet 12 inch wide borewell drilling machine. Strata is a mix of sand and gravel/boulder. Which type of machine would do work in a mix strata and if the machine available? If yes…

How to reduce polythene pollution

Please provide some facts to reduce polythene pollution.

Connection between two bores

In my house I am getting sufficient water from my 600 ft bore. But my neighbour is not getting water from their bore (approximately 250 to300 ft). Now he is blaming us that our bore is sucking the…

Rainwater harvesting in Gujarat

We have 30 acres of land along with a borewell thats about 620 ft deep. Over the past year water level has reduced by 40 ft. I would like to make a recharge pit or any other solution to harvest…

Faulty STP/ill maintained STP - where to complain?

I am a resident of Bangalore living in an apartment complex for almost a decade now. Residents of my apartment complex have been suffering with faulty/ ill maintained STP for several years.…

Drilling a water well

Where can I find, which was the deepest well drilled in Tamil Nadu? I have an idea of drilling a water well deeper than the current water table depth. Do we have seismic over sections of Tamil…

Bad odour in borewell water

Our borewell has good amount of water but it has bad odour in it. Kindly suggest how can we treat this water?

Info regarding failed borewell

We dug about 500 ft deep borwell and found water but it was flowing under the ground and was of no use to us. Because of the water flow, we can't get water as we desire. What is a possible…

Submersible pump alternate

I am from Chennai and live in an apartment with three blocks, for all the blocks submersible pump is installed and working fine. Two of blocks have no problem in pulling up the water but my block…

Need data for temperature, rainfall, and potential evapotranspiration

Dear Sir/Madam,

Can you please inform me how can I access the data for precipitation, temperature and potential evapo-transpiration from 2003 to 2017? Looking forward to hearing from you.…

How to clean a borewell ?

What type of borewell cleaning method will be successful? Having problem of water accumulation inside borewell. Water pumping stops in 5 minutes when using pumping motor.

How to apply for subsidy for water harvesting plant in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

I want to install a water harvesting plant at my home. I live in Jaipur, Rajasthan. How can I apply for subsidy for making the plant.

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Need suggestion on recharge pits for an apartment

Ours is 40 houses apartment in Mysore city. We plan to have recharge pits (3 to 4). We believe this is cheaper compared to standard water harvesting. How can we go ahead?

Submersible pump jammed after 10 mins of operation

I have drilled a new borewell and it is 240 feet. Yesterday I have installed a pump at 200 feet, I have found water at 140 feet but the pump got jammed. Please let me know what is the problem? Is…

How to know the capacity of a new borewell?

Our borewell is about 900ft depth. During drilling there was no water but little bit of wet soil came out after drilling about 400 ft. We are so disappointed. Nearby sites are having good yield of…

Use of STP water from residential complex

Can STP water after aeration and filtration be used for groundwater recharging?

Question regarding water availability in an old borewell

There is a borewell which is almost 20yrs old, which has not been used till date, as there was little water source. I do not know, how deep it is, but my relatives tell me its more than 500 feet…