Meteorological Data


Previously, meteorological data for every district for the last 100 years was available on your portal. Now, I cannot access that data. It was so helpful in planning for water…

Need suggestion on purifier


Recently I moved to Jayanagar Bangalore (560070), here we get Kaveri water from BBMP, I wanted to know which purifier is suitable to make the water drinkable? 


Query regarding minor irrigation

What are the parameters for giving no objection certificate for boring work in Uttar Pradesh. 

Interlinking of rivers

I would like to know the current status of the proposed Damanganga-Pinjal linking project which is designed to augment the water supplied to Mumbai. Has construction started? If not, when is it…

Water purification system required

Hi Sir, I'm living in Apartment where we have already RO purification system with overhead water tank. However, the tap water at my home sometime it is very muddy and green coloured. And my TDS in…

Design of rainwater harvesting system in Sahibabad

Dear Sir /Madam,

Kindly provide following details related to rainwater harvesting system for industry in site-4, industrial area in Sahibabad (Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh-

i) Size (…

Interested in small water body conservation - for PhD research

I am a second year PhD researcher at the University of Sheffield in the UK, my project…

Regarding submersible pump installation.

Dear sir, 

I want to know that submersible pump installation is legal or not in Saharanpur UP 247001. If I want to install it, what is the legal procedure and which office application…

Water conservation in Gujarat

Why don't you encourage building check dams in the villages by Public Private Partnership which will resolve the water scarcity problem in the villages of Gujarat. Mr. Mansukhbhai Suvagiya of…

Motor has struckup to casing while taking out

We thought of replacing the borewell at another point and tried to take out the motor along with the pipe, but the motor was struck up at the casing edge which came closer. Is there any option to…

Will it be possible to drill a borewell in my ownland which is located near to government borewell

Respected Sir/Madam,

Will it be possible to drill a borewell in my ownland which is located near to government borewell?



Water colour in red during summer, is it usable?

Hi, I stays in Kerala near to a lush green village. Water is good during May to Jan but it turns reddish from Feb to April. What is the reason for that? What type of water filter to be used to get…

Storage tank and pond using washing machine wastewater

Hello Sir, 

We are from Banglore. Kids have asked for pool on our terrace , but me and my husband thought to involve them in its designing also. At the same time, we don't want wastewater…

Ecological impact of Kuhl system in Himachal Pradesh

Ecological impact of Kuhl system in Himachal Pradesh.

Consultancy requirement for added minerals to get better taste with mineral water

To reach Bisleri or Kinely taste of packaged drinking water which technology of added minerals we need to add? Or what are the ingredients that are to be added to reach those tastes?

Grey Water Treatment

I need help in treating grey water in my house in Vettuvenkeni. I have a septic tank

Met Data is not working

Please open Met Data again. It shows PHP error. Please open it as soon as possible.

Ionized mineralized alkaline water

I am interested in ionized, antioxidant & mineralized alkaline drinking water. How do I know I am getting to drink this water? 

Need your contact number

Wanted to get in touch with you. Can you send me your contact details?