Can I use hose pipe drops for existing borewell?

Now a days people are using hose pipes for borewell instead of rigid pvc or gi pipes of 20 ft each. Can I use hose pipes for a borewell of 70 feet where water is there for 36 feet. Currently it…

Clarity over applicability of Factories Act, 1948 and Boilers Act, 1923 in running a Sewage Treatment Plant ( 74 MLD and 56 MLD)

I want to know whether Factories Act, 1948 and Boilers Act, 1923 applicable for operating Sewage Treatment Plants of 74 MLD and 56 MLD, respectively.

What are the legal compliance/ approvals…

Compartments in overhead water tank

Is it necessary to provide compartments in overhead water tank ? If so, why is it needed?

Query regarding groundwater recharge

Dear sir,

How can I recharge groundwater where after 14ft only rock is there and no soil is present. How will the water get recharged?

Weather dataset from 2002 to 2015 for Maharashtra

I need temperature and rainfall datasets for Maharashtra with different districts. This is required for crop yield prediction for my project work. Please help me.

Groundwater policy, present situation

What is the current situation of groundwater policy? I want to know the pitfalls and probable difficulties in its implementation. Is there any strong action planned against borewell machines,…

We want HUDA water connection in our office

We want HUDA water connection in our office. We want to know about what is the process of connection.

Training on quality analysis for drinking water

With respect to the above-cited subject request you to give us detailed information regarding any training programmes conducted.

Rainfall and temperature data

I want to work on climate variability (Monthly Rainfall and Temperature) of Andhra Pradesh using last 30 years monthly data, so please tell me the procedure to get the "gridded monthly data" from…

Contacts of agencies conducting e-flows study

Can I get names and contacts of agencies which conduct e-flows studies?

Is mixing of treated and potable water required before releasing into domestic flush systems?

We are from a society with 840 flats in 4 blocks of 21 floors each. Our builder and the STP person says that it is recommended to have a 50/50 or 60/40 ratio of sewage treated water and potable…

Reuse of greywater

Hi Sir,

I want to reuse greywater for flushing tank at appartment with four floors and 16 flats. Want to use wastewater from bathroom, washing machine and kitchen for flushing in toilets.…

Borewell to be dug in a newly constructed house

Dear Team,

Recently I constructed my house and the construction work is almost at the end stage. I plan to dig a borewell in my house, however, there isn't any space for it. Moreover, I fear…

What is the GST rate for water

What is the GST rate for water supplied through Water ATM. I am planning to install a water ATM in my area but unable to get a answer from tax practitioners. They say it's 18℅ but it is for…

Will the Atal Bhujal Scheme works for water conservation?

Recently the prime minister of India Narendra Modi launched a scheme named Atal Bhujal Scheme. Please share what you think about it? Does It work?

Water is not pumping from borewell

I have borewell, around 300 ft depth, which s being used from past five years.1 HP submersible pump is fitted, but suddenly the motor is running and water is not pumping out to tank, is there any…

Government support for toilet construction

How do we get the govt support in constructing toilets for villagers in a village near Bhopal?

Too much sandy water in borewell

Borewell is drilled till 280ft. Got water at 90ft, however, after 110 ft got sand up to 160ft after that there is rock. Casing is up to 119ft. Now the motor pump is at 150ft. Getting to much sandy…

Suggestion on submersible pump - bore with 300 feet and 4.5" dia

We have a new borewell with 300 feet depth and 4.5 inch dia. Need suggestion on submersible pumpset to pull water to groundfloor + three floors With 3 inch dia and 1.5 HP.

Sewage Treatment Plant

What is the expected units of electricity to be consumed by STP per day for society of 120 flats? We are having 3 different societies with 40 flat in each society, so is STP compulsory for us?