Problem of rainfall data download

Respected Sir/Madam,

The rainfall data cannot be downloaded from your site. Please fix the problem and provide help to download the data.

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Nur Islam…

Mini RO Plant

How to make a mini RO plant? Please give suggestions to me and provide details.



Rainfall and temperature data

Need temperature and rainfall data for analysis for the past 20 years


Met Data availability

Respected Sir,

When will the Met Data page start working ? I need to access precipitation regional data of India required for my current research work.


I need AWS and ARG data for the year 2019-2020. 

Borewell water colour change


The colour of the water from my borewell changes to yellow after some time. It was clear when it was pumped into the tank, but after a day the colour changed to yellow. Please help.…

Regarding download of previous landslide data

How can I download the previous landslide data?

Rainfall data Sabarkantha District, Gujarat last 10 years

I want rainfall data of Sabarkantha district, Gujarat last 10 years.

Can we use these images in my youtube video?

Hello Sir, 

My name is Arpitsinh Parmar. I am a YouTuber and I want to make a video on the fog collection system for knowledge purpose. So can you please give permission for using these…

Subject - Inquiry for advertisement of company


Surya International is a manufacturer of water treatment plants, FRP pressure vessels, and other water solutions in India. We want to promote…

Borewell water mixing with sand


In our house, the borewell is 70ft. While water is taken to overhead tank, it is mixing with fine sand and the water becomes black in colour. After sometime, sediments gets settled and…

Water - Dark Black and Foul smell - Intermittently


Drilled Bore in our Apartment - Car Parking Area for a depth of 360 Feet two weeks back.  The drainage Sump is more than 5 feet away. Two days back submersible pump has been laid.…

Data portal down


Will the data portal become available soon? It will be useful for my students' projects at university.

Query regarding borewell

Why we get water at 200ft when we dig at one place and other at 800ft?

Performance requirement

What is the performance requirement for a water purifier ?

Request to obtain the meteorological data

Can I get district-wise monthly weather data for the past 30 years? I hope weather data includes monthly rainfall, avg temperature, min and max temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and…

Remove rocks from the open well

I have a domestic well (not bore well) very near to my house in the Malappuram district, Kerala. It is around 10 to 20 feet deep. Currently, water is not available, and the well is very new. We…

About water well drilling and construction

Is there any software that can do screen and casing design for a water well by integrating Geophysical logging and lithological logging…

About TDS level in drinking Water


Is the water with TDS 300 is suitable for drinking? And when we use RO filter, which is sold in the market, it reduces TDS to 50, is it fine to drink the RO filtered water?