Cost for borewell

How much cost when we want to create a seven-meter borewell in Nagpur 


Suitability of the type of pipe

Is RCC pipe will be suitable for 250 dia and 300-meter depth bore?

Meteorological Datasets


I have been trying to access the "Meteorological datasets for 13 climate parameters for all districts of India from 1901 to 2002". However, when I press the link to "Launch the…

Metdata not available

I need data on daily/monthly rainfall for all districts of Uttarakhand over the period of 1980-2016. However, whenever I am clicking on Met data or even data finder, it is showing some error. I am…

Minimum essential parameter for drinking water potability test


What are the minimum parameters to be checked to ensure potability of drinking water, if the sources are 1. borewell 2. RO treated borewell water

Non-Electric Manually Operated clothes Machine

I have innovated a Non-Electric Manually Operated clothes Machine. It received the Ca

It saves several thousands of water per day in India compared to the current Handwashing.

Draining of borewell


We have drilled a borewell on our farm. First level broke at around 100feet, thereafter at 250 feet drilling. Mud was little moist at those levels and at 700 feet depth there was…

Inverter capacity for AC pump

I need to install a 1-2 hp AC submersible pump. The bore well is 100 ft deep. Will a 2.5 KVA Inverter be able to work.

Dry Borewell

Respected Sir,

I have two borewells in my land but both of them are dry or gave very small quantity of water during first testing and after every monsoon.  I get 1000 Lt of water and then…

Met Data is not working

Why this met data option is not working from the last 5 days. I need to download the data from this site. Is there any issue and when it will start working??

Water security in India

Would like to read good articles on water security in India in the context of Climate Change. Is it possible to provide references for the same?

Rainfall and other forms of precipitation data extraction

How can I extract the data of rainfall precipitation of Rajasthan districts? 

Rainwater harvesting

Can I build a RWH in the area below the stilts in the basement on a 2500 sqft house.

What would be the cost to build it? Will the water collected last annually?

Query on submersible pump


This is Dhruva here. We had drilled a borewell of depth 711ft. May I know which company submersible pump should I take and of what HP?

How to remove the stone from my borewell?

I am Kiran. I have one borewell in my field. The depth of the borewell is 600 feet .The casing length is 45 feet. Someone has thrown a stone in my borewell .When I tried to insert the pump in the…

TDS in irrigation water

My irrigation water has 1100 TDS. For sowing grams what should be suitable TDS?

Rainfall Data

I need Pakur district rainfall data of past 10 years.

Start mineral water plant

I would like to start a mineral water plant in Tirunelveli. I would like to get details on cost land required and all other essential details to start the plant.

Please advise.

Groundwater rights

What are the rights to groundwater of a landowner?


Met Data


Met data site is not opening. Please look into this. Thanks