Sewage odour in borewell water

I am experiencing the smell of sewage in my 5 years old borewell after the heavy rainfall in January. Till January 2021, the water was very clear and tasty. Two times we have flushed the bore…

Consultancy regarding availability of underground water for borewell for irrigation purpose

Looking for some consultancy firm which can conduct some kind of scientific survey to ascertain the availability of ground water for borewell for irrigation purpose. The land is around 1.5 Acres…

Bad smell from borewell water


I dug a borewell 750 feet in 2017. We are using the water continuously since then, unfortunately for the last two weeks a bad sulphur like smell is coming from the water. There is no…

Borewell issue

We need to dig borewell at our Vengurla Khanoli village, but due to conflict with our neigbhour we cannot do so. As per our neighbour's claim, the land on which we built our native house is hers…

Right purification technology in Dasna, Ghaziabad

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

I want to know which water purification technology we can use in Dasna Ghaziabad.

What is the type of water in Dasna Ghaziabad?

Coca Cola in Kaladera_Information


I am a postgraduate student at the University of Leeds (UK) and I am writing a paper about the impact of water shortage on the livelihood of the community of Kaladera after the…

Water from borewell comes with mud

We have a submersible motor for apartment housing for seven families in Chennai. The depth of the bore is more than 100ft. Most of the time the water is turbid. Water should be available at a…

Suction pumps

I have a borewell of 60 ft depth, water at 30ft,8 inch bore, my farm is 1500meters away connected with an 8inch PVC pipeline underground. I want a pump to fix in my farm and pull water from 1500…

Submitting an article

I have some interesting articles on water management practices of NGOs working in the central tribal belt. I wanted to know the process of publishing them at the India Water Portal. Please let me…

Need rainfall data of Idukki, Kerala

Respected sir/madam

I am doing dissertation as part of my post graduation. My topic is landslide of Pettimudi in Idukki district of Kerala. For this I require rain gauge station-wise …

Query on borewell motor

250 ft borwell 1.5 inches water, how much hp motor required?


Query related to your organisation

Dear sir 

I wanted to know about the India water Portal whether it is a Government of India Portal or State government portal or private. Pl let me know.



Query on low TDS (10-40ppm)

Respected sir,

Are there any known ill-health effects in consuming very low TDS (10 - 40PPM) water for a long period? Any related documentation. 

Meteorological datasets


I collect daily and monthly weather data from different countries around the world. I found your page where it says we are currently…

Rainfall data for the year 2019 & 2020 for Nagpur district

Rainfall data for the year 2019 & 2020 for Nagpur district

How to find groundwater in my land

Dear Sir,

I have my land but we could not find underground water, despite deep drilling we found no water. Please help in how can I locate groundwater in Kamareddy, Hyderabad.

Query regarding water purifier

Is a normal gravity based water purifier okay for village water? The water is not harmful, even if used unfiltered.

Regarding the precipitation data of Bhadrak and Bhubhaneswar of Odisha

Why are data for these two districts are not available? May I know the reason for the unavailability of the data?

Black color water with smell from borewell


My house location is Madurai.

From last three days, we are facing the borewell water problem, the water is black in color with smell. As our borewell is 400 ft, it is not…

Daily rainfall data of all districts of Odisha of previous 100 years.

Hello sir,

I want the daily rainfall data of all districts of Odisha of previous 100 years from 1920 to 2020 for my research purpose.