What does 'monthly mean' in water data mean?

In the rainfall data, what exactly does the term 'monthly mean' mean? Is it an average rainfall divided by total number of rainy days in that month or total number of days in that month?

Query regarding removing the public handpump not in use for more than 10 years

I am from Telangana. I have a query regarding a handpump which lies in between two plots and the major part of it is in my plot. The hand pump has not been in use for more than 10 years. I want to…

Borewell water contaminated with sewage water

I have a borewell dug upto 1000 ft and the opening of the casing pipe is 2 ft below ground level. I made a manhole and covered it. The borewell is in front of our gate and below a car ramp.…

In-tank UV domestic water purifier

Some domestic UV+UF water purifier have an additional feature of in-tank UV protection. I want to understand if this new feature has some additional health benefit or it is just for marketing only…

Partial Water Softening/ pH reduction

Our main issue is scaling which is causing damage to our plumbing systems. Total hardness (CaCO3) is 470 and Calcium is 130. Total alkalinity is 265.

We are thinking of two options:


Filtration of water for 20 apartments building

The groundwater we are using for regular usage has become dirty. We require cost effective methods to improve quality of water. Pl suggest.

Acidic well water

Our well water ph is found to be 6.44. What are the possible risks and how should this be fixed?

Turbid water from well

Hi, We have a well in our colony. We are using water of this well from 4-5 years. But from last 4 months we found that turbid water comes in our well. We think this water comes from the gutter…

What is the source of water in Karnal?

I need to know what is the primary and secondary source of water in Karnal?

Bussiness opportunities in the water sector

I would like to engage myself in field of water resource mamangement, so my question is what are the supports/facilities I can get from different organisations?

Need help in installation of rainwater harvesting system.

Hi, I am based out of Delhi and looking for an organisation to help install rainwater harvesting system in my society. If interested kindly revert to my email address -…

Boulder in borewell

Dear team,

Recently, we had drilled a borewell at Madhanapalli area in Andhra Pradesh with 80 feet pvc casing. After drilling approximately 210 feet, there was a boulder and hevay flow of…

Nano-technology available for water softening (if any) & auto-mutiport valves for (India) domestic systems

(1) What is the current status of reliable nano-technology based systems available for water softening in particular and controlled water purification in market.

(2) What are some reliable,…

Where to discharge excess treated STP water ?

Hello Sir,

I live in a apartment in South Bangalore which houses 160 flats. We have STP installed in our apartment complex. Excess treated STP water is used currently for flushing and…

While drilling borewell 20 feet PVC pipe has been broken inside.


While drilling borewell the 20 feet long PVC pipe has been broken. The team told that not able to remove this pipe so only do drill again on the pipe inside and destroy it. And they did…

Greywater recycling for toilet use

What kind of systems do we need to put in for recycling the greywater into my toilet tank?

Distance between two borewells

What is the minimum distance we should keep from neighbour's boundary to digg a borewell?

High flow water pressure system

I want to have a sprinkler system.

Total length of pipe 150 ft
Diameter of pipe - 1"
Maximum head height = 30 feet
Suction lift - 0 feet for submersible…
Sewage treatment plant for small scale industry

We are a small scale industry with only nine persons in the plant including directors. We are having soak pit but is STP a must for us?

Query regarding borewell motor and pump


Would like to know the specifications of motor and pump for my borewell which is 500ft deep. Is 2hp motor with 20 point sump suitable?