Need your contact number

Wanted to get in touch with you. Can you send me your contact details?

STP functioning

We have taken over the functioning of STP from the builder but are facing problems of red worms and yellow water inspite of getting all tanks cleaned. We need the advise of an expert in Mumbai who…

Water requirement for landscaping & gardening on an industrial campus

What is the water requirement for landscaping & gardening on an industrial campus for native species in Tamil Nadu?

Query regarding solid waste

What are the various methods of solid waste handling, storage, processing, collection, transfer, and transport?

Regarding Met Data

Dear sir

I want to get the data of past 100 years in Met Data but the site is closed due to some error so please let me know when I will be able to get the data from your site  

Regarding packaged drinking water

Is it mandatory to hire full-time chemist/microbiologist in a packaged drinking water plant?

Water table and names of geologist in Banswara, Rajasthan

Dear Sir,

Please let me know the names and contact numbers of geologists and also the water table in Banswara city.

Thank you.

Query on borewell motor


Can you suggest, whether we can use 4"(inch) submersibie pump for 4.5"(inch) borewell at 280ft's.

Water TDS for biofloc

I have a pond in Guhna, Sonipat district, and my borewell water parameters show 3100 ppm of TDS and 7.5 - pH. I want to reduce the TDS level upto 1200-1800 ppm for fish farming. The TDS level of…

Precipitation data

Please help us in getting the long term rainfall data for the Assam districts.

Suggest a training module on gender & PRI

Dear Madam/Sir,

Kindly suggest a training module on gender & PRI on how to build the capacity of women members of the water subcommittee of panchayat.


Rainwater soak pit

How many pits are required based on site area?

Water in borewell

I need advice on two separate bore wells for farming purpose. 

1) About 5 years ago, 6" borewell was dug with casing for 160 feet next to a hill to plant lemon trees in a  60 cents of…

Water scarcity solution requirement

Dear All,

Hope you are doing well and safe during this current uncertainty

I am Vijay Krishna from Chennai, India. I would like to get your feedback with respect to current water…

Metdata not available

Why Met data is not available?

Why borewells are dug deep in towns and cities?

In the towns and cities borewells, to get drinking water, have to be dug deep as compared to borewell dug in villages. Give reason.


Textile industry wastewater treatment

Hello, please help me;

Our ETP having a capacity of treating 1500m3/day, our wastewater is from laundry ( we’re doing dying, bleaching and washing). With pH 6-6.6

Treament mode is…

Monthly rainfall data

Unable to download MET (rainfall) data.

FSSAI licence


Is there any kind of FSSAI licence required to start 20 litre water jar business?

Accessing met data on website

In my research work I am taking data from this portal (for study purpose only), but now I cannot access it. Error showing is:

Page not found

The requested page could not be found…