STP causing trouble

My house is near STP. Noise and smell is unbearable. Please suggest

Subsoil water seepage into borewells in Thoraipakkam OMR, Chennai


Ours is a gated community with 160 apartments covered around 1.5 Acres in Thoraipakkam, OMR, Chennai. We digged borewell in our apartment. It was manual borewell and no machine used.…

PVC pipe got stuck during the borewell digging process


We live in triplicane Chennai, our previous borewell was 60 feet and water was good. My neighbor drilled bore for 200 feet then suddenly next day our borewell went dry and the problem…

Agency for packer test, spinner test in boreholes

Please inform the name of agencies carrying out Packer Test, Spinner Test (Flow Log), Acoustic Televiewer Log, Optical Televiewer Log

Can I route rainwater to my borewell to recharge it

Sir , I have small roof top of 800 sqft (approx), how to recharge my borewell with rainwater? I have no empty space around my house, can I make a passage for rainwater for influx into the borewell…

Regarding reference crop evapotranspiration coefficients

I am a researcher at IIM Bangalore. I found the reference crop evapotranspiration coefficients for different districts for the past 100 years here:…

Black water comes out of borewell

Offline iron remover installed for borewell water. After one year, black water comes often. When we cleaned the tank, we found sandy coal like black substance. Could it be due to the wear out of…

No water in borewell

I dug a borewell 180 feets and received 2 inches of water at160 feets, however, when we fit the motor, only one inch of water came out. Would want to know the reason for this?

Need practical ideas to re-use the rejected water from packaged drinking water plants

There are over 6000 packaged drinking water plants in India at present. These plants use the RO technology. The RO membrane filters out excess salts and sends them through reject water daily,…

How to build check dam in one acre slopey land

I have one acre farmland which is slopey in the Aravali Hills. I want to conserve the rainwater using check dams. Request your advice on how to you do it ?

Criteria to start a mineral water plant

How much is the minimum distance required for a mineral water plant to be located from a water body?

Dead rat in the water tank collecting rainwater

Dead rat in the water tank collecting rainwater through which water went into open well. We have removed the rat, but can see all its hair might have gotten into the open well, I suppose. Please…

Facing issue with borewell water, it is smelling like sewage water and getting bubbles

Hi Team,

This is Adithya from Hyderabad city Moula Ali area. I have an independent house situated at Moula Ali, Jawahar Nagar colony. We dug a borewell in the year 2005 with 300 ft depth,…

Dam breach analysis using 2D HEC-RAS Model

I plotted my results for dam breach analysis using HEC-RAS model. Velocity vs time graph shows maximum velocity of flood flow at any place is 0.06 m/s to 0.08 m/s after modelling, there are also…

Scarcity of water in so many states, due to deficiency in rainfall

How we may contribute our best to the Jal Shakti Mantralaya of the Government of India. Can we get the details of their efforts in controlling drought situation in many states? Is it true that 20…

Small water treatment system for household water purification

Myself Arunodoy Sarmah. I am working as officer with a psu bank in Assam. I would like to enquire about a small water treatment plant at my home in Guwahati. During winter months we face water…

Which motor can I choose?


My name is Govind and we drilled borewell 480 feets deep and we got water at 2.5 inches. Now we have to install the motor, which motor we need to install? Also, in our area low voltage…

Can failed borewell be used for rainwater harvesting?

Can I use failed borewell hole for rainwater harvesting which is at 110ft, at my home?

Need a help to select motor for borewell

Hi Sir,

I have a 200 feet borewell. Water level at 20 feet. I need help to select motor for my borewell. Which is best submersible motor or compressor motor?

Different kinds of borewell flushing


We are in the process of flushing our community borewells that have dropped in yield. The vendor tells us that there is a low cost compressor flushing with 2-3 kg pressure and a high…