Met Data availability


I need met data, which is currently not available on your portal. Please inform me of the expected date when data will be made available.


Yash Pal Rose

Clarifications regarding purification methods

In the purification methods like RO, UV we know that all the impurities are very well eliminated but what about the essential minerals? Are they eliminated through this process and how they are…

Pulicat Lake

What are some of the good qualities present in this huge Pulicat water body? Are there some dangers lurking to disturb this wonderful 760 sq kms of brackish water which attracts hundreds of…

Hourly rainfall data for Chiplun city located in Ratnagiri district

Respected Sir/Madam.

I am in a need of data of hourly rainfall data for Chiplun city, which is in Ratnagiri District State of Maharashtra.

Water Neighborhoods in India

I am a winner of the Patents for Humanity Award of the USPTO. I am drilling my 80th water well to train people in India. 

Rock blasting near residential house

In which department should we complain against rock blasting near the residential house? What are the criteria for blasting rocks and blasting on the well nearby house?

Drinking water standard for nickel

Drinking water standard for nickel, according to Indian standard.


To start mineral water bottle plant

Hi Team,

I am looking to start a mineral water bottle plant in Andhra Pradesh and I need a detailed information regarding the plant can you guys help me with that?  

Related to publishing data

How many days it may take to clean the datasets and publish them?

Interview questions for an essay


I'm Iris Kwon, a freshman at New York University. This semester, I'm writing an essay on water contamination in India, and I have been searching for people that can provide insight…

Indian Rainfall data

Thanks for your service in providing different datasets, currently data has not been available on your website, we badly need Indian monthly rainfall data especially from South India. My student…


Does the portal sell books that are reviewed? Does it provide links to sellers? 

Selection of water purifier

What kind of water purifier will be proper for my domestic usage. As I am using water from municipal water supply. My location is Sodepur, Ghola, Kolkata-700111

Muddy water coming out of borewell

Dear Sir,

We had constructed a new house 11.5 years back. The bore is 120 ft. The contractor has fixed a one hp submersible pump. The construction was finished last year Feb 2020 but …

Problem encountered while drilling a borewell

Sir/ Madam

We were drilling a borewell for our new house construction. After drilling for 200 feet we got rock. Above the rock, water is present, but it is not sufficient. After drilling…

Inclusion of my colony in Jal Jeevan Mission

1. I am living in a residential colony inhabited by approx 300 households. The Colony is known as Swarn Vihar and is located next to Rajinder Colony - JDA Flats near Bantalab, Jammu (J&K) -…

Borewell constructed in between two rooms in ground floor flat

Borewell constructed in between two rooms of ground-floor flat. The building is under G+2 residential building permission and constructed for up to 3 n penthouse comprising 11 flats. Now the…

Inadequate water in borewell

Recently we drilled a 400ft borehole in hard rock. But there is no adequate water filled inside the well (water is filled to a depth less than 100ft). So my question is, will a post-construction…

Need for Met Dataset

Respected Sir/Ma'am
I am working on a research paper and in need of Met dataset urgently. May I know when will you be publishing this dataset?

Sewage odour in borewell water

I am experiencing the smell of sewage in my 5 years old borewell after the heavy rainfall in January. Till January 2021, the water was very clear and tasty. Two times we have flushed the bore…