What will be the lifespan of a borewell and rainwater harvesting ringwell around the borewell ?


We are a housing society in Parel, Mumbai. In may 2019, we drilled a borewell until 250 ft and got 2.5 inch water, reasonably good quality with tds 1100. We dug a ringwell around this…

Re-use of existing agriculture borewell

I am having unused borewell of depth 350 feet and 8inches dia. We left the borewell unused for more than 10 years for less water & drought. And surrounding water table gone up to 500 feet, 600…

Query regarding STP noise problem

Is there a device that I can buy to measure the noise level? I need help measuring the STP noise as the STP is below my house and the Association is not willing to rectify it as they say its below…

Rainwater harvesting and recharge pit

We are constructing a residential building project  in Burdwan, West Bengal. So, we want to install a rainwater harvesting system and recharge pit. To whom shall we contact regarding this.

Septic tank and borewell water

I am planning to buy a land in Chennai. The developer says each plot owner have to build septic tank for sewage and also borewell for drinking water. Will the grey water from the septic tank leak…

Need contact info of one of the expert

Can I get Manoj Misra sir’s contact number? I’m a journalist doing a video story on Yamuna pollution.

Water recycling and water harvesting for independent house

Hi, I have an independent house with three families. My plot size is 30×60 feet. I don't have a borewell. I am looking for water recycling that I can use it for flushing of toilet. Can you suggest…

Yellow coloured smelly water in borewell


My three year old borewell with 450 depth is now getting black and yellow colour, smelly water. Kindly guide me how we can fix this? I have no other source for water. Will bore…

Info regarding site selection of rainwater harvesting structure

The only place for building rainwater harvesting structure within an apartment site is the stilt parking area with a 10 ft roof.  

Are there restrictions in building RWH structure of 3ft dia…

Government geologist for bore point check

Hi, I have a Agricultural land in Kothapet village, Rangareddy district in Telangana. I dug three bores but I could not find any water. Can you suggest whom I can contact for survey in bore point…

Should I remove RO filter or leave it there?

I get water supply from municipal corporation in Ludhiana which is untreated groundwater. The TDS is 275. I use a purifier that has sediment, carbon, RO, UV and UF filter. I want to remove RO…

Latest water statistics of Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh, India

How much water is supplied per day for Anantapur city-urban ? How much water is needed for Anantapur district per annum for - drinking, irrigation and other use?

Optimum hose pipe inner diameter for the new submersible borewell motor

I have dug a 918 feet borewell. The motor is 5 HP 50 stages. Water tank is at 65 feet above ground level and total hose pipe length required is 1000 feet. Please advise me what is the optimal…

Yellow coloured water in borewell

Water in my borewell at 50 ft depth has changed to deep yellow in colour. Pls suggest what to do?

Motor in borewell got stuck

The motor in my borewell got stuck and mechanic tried to pull it up using pulley but it didn’t worked. They used pressure pump also and declared it might be caused by landslide internally and it…

Request for participation in Master thesis survey on flood adaptation technologies.


As a part of my master thesis I formulated a survey based on the scope and the shortlisted technologies. It's about 10 criterias to grade them comparatively.

Would be greatful…

Errors in reading meteorological instruments

What are the error when reading meteorological instrument and how to correct them?

What are the pros and cons of submersible pump vs. compressor pump?
  • Diviner mentioned water table 250- 300 ft.
  • Borewell depth = 500 feet.
  • Dia. 6.5 inch.
  • Strata weathered rock.
  • During…
Water pump stops working when not used for long

If the water pump is not used for a long time, will it stop working? If so how often should I use the pump?

Info regarding grey water recycling

I am planning to build a house in a 30 X 40 site in Bangalore. I would like to incorporate a cost effective grey water recycling and rainwater harvesting system. Kindly let me know how do I go…