Silt collection near borewell motor pump

The borewell in our house is 4 years old. From a few months since there were no rains in Bengaluru we had not used the borewell. Recently, when the borewell was turned on, there was a burning…

Monsoon withdrawal delayed; more extreme weather events the new trend

The statement is "Climate change, unplanned development responsible for increasingly erratic and torrential rainfall: this is the wettest September India has seen in 102 years". Yes I agree that…

Borewell recharge through RO reject water


I am looking to improve the groundwater level of my land. We currently have a borewell that supplies water to an RO Plant. I wanted to know if I can use the borewell recharge…

Pump and motor suggestion for borewell of 720 feet, 8-inch diameter

I have a farm in West Bengal, Purulia and we have dug a borewell of 720 feet and an 8-inch diameter. The entire bore is through stone so the casing could only be provided till 10 feet and we hit…

Query regarding lifting water from a open well

Dear Sir,

I am living in a hilly area and I have to take water from 130 meter down. There is an open well and 1.5 hp submersible pump, my problem is the delivery hose. I used green coloured…

Design period of service reservoir in water supply system

Why clear water reservoir is having only 15 years of design period? Source: CPHEEO

Water tank is taking longer time than usual to get filled with borewell water

We have 235 feet borewell at home and we use texmo compression motor to pump. We observed that the water is not pumped up to the water tank from past few days. We could see meagre water in tank…

Info regarding borewell in agricultural land


I have a new borewell in Tumkur, Kallambella, where I have received water of 1.5 inches at a depth of 1050 feet borewell. A further depth of 75 feet was dug, so the total depth of…

Borewell pump for 650ft deep with silt

I have a borewell depth of 650 ft and I have fixed a 3hp 40 stage single phase Texmo pump, because of the silt the pump run only once and its not running now. What should I do now to pump the…

How safe is water received from Chennai Metro Water is?

Is the water received from Chennai Metro Water safe for consumption ? Or do we need RO purifier for it for safety?

Does borewell recharge requires removal of submersible pump?

Does borewell recharge requires removal of submersible pump? 

Water meter strategies

We are Villa community with 180 villas and we already have water meters. We would like to know what are best strategies and possibilities of remote monitoring, etc. Please send me any information…

Muddy water supply during rains

My query is pertaining to the city of Belagavi in Karnataka. It lies in the western ghat region and receives heavy rainfall during monsoon.

My queries are as follows:

  1. Why is the…
How to lift broken motor from a borewell ?

How to lift broken motor from a borewell at 400ft depth?

Approval and licenses required for installing 3 water ATM at different places

Sir, I am interested to install 3 water ATM at 3 different places. What licenses are required to run this business ?

Need database of household water consumption

Can I get database of household water consumption over a period of time including factors like no of people in house, or their age? I need the database for research in water taxation system using…

Problem of sand in borewell of 1120 ft

We have a borewell of 1120 ft and from the day we have installed motor excess sand coming out with water. Initally we had put 20 Hp pump and motor at 300 ft, delivery 3 inch but the pump got…

Amount of rainfall in Medak district, Telangana


This is Sanjay, a student undergoing my graduation, I am interested in rainwater harvesting and proper utilization of rainwater as a project. Would you please help me out providing…

Recycling STP treated water for agriculture

How to use STP treated water for agriculture? What are the permissible parameters ?

Unused borewell

We had dug a borewell in February and it yielded water. But we did not use the borewell for 6 months and now the bore well has dried up ( even after the rains of July). Is there a possibility to…