Borewell submersible pump

Dear Sir

We have a submersible pump installed in our apartment premises ( garden area ) which is, however, the only water source. The pump has been running quite smoothly for the last 10…

Query regarding submersible pump

I want to know the HP of submersible pump to draw from 140 feet depth for my agriculture land of 2 acres.

Reducing the water discharge pressure in a borewell compressor


I have 5hp borewell compressor for my borewell for agriculture purpose. While the compressor is running and water is coming out of the pipe, it shakes violently to the extent that the…

Re-bore in existing borewell

Dear sir,

I have a borewell of 180 feet which is getting very less water. Is re-boring is advisable. There is one problem that I have the clearance of only 7 feet. If any advice please…

Objective of East of Kolkata Wetland

Objective of East Kolkata Wetland

700 feet borewell and yield obervation

We drilled 700 feet borewell in our farm in last week of April 2021. We got small aquifer at 60 feet and 110 feet, and relatively bigger at 260 feet. Borewell driller said total yield is around 2…

Boulder obstructing the borewell

Respected Sir,

Sir, around 4 years back when my borewell submersible pump was not working, I asked for replacement of the new submersible pump. The plumber lifted the old submersible pump…

Enquiry about data Availability

Please tell me the time when will you publish the data because I was waiting for this data since last 2 months and I need this data for my further studies. Please revert back to my mail as soon as…

Loose soil not letting insertion of casing

We are trying to put a borewell in Huzurabad area village of Telangana. There is water and the drill was done till 80 ft. But the soil is loose and not letting to install the casing. Is there a…

Need submersible pump for my agricultural land

I am in requirement of a submersible pump for my 2 acre agriculture land .The water level is 120 feet. What will be the ideal submersible pump?

How to change our company name and address.

How to change our company name and address register your website.

Looking for a paper from your website

Hi, My name is Inderjit Kaur. I am doing my PhD on making cities water resilient at Lincoln University. I am looking for a paper but unable to send you this email. Kindly contact. Thanks.

Bad smell from submersible borewell

In December 2020, I had dug a 245 ft borewell in my house. Every time when I switch on the motor, there is a smell from water. Please suggest what can I do?


Portable solar structure

I require portable solar plate structure parts.

Need help with a borewell installation

Bore depth -250 ft

Water found at -130 ft

Pipe till -150 ft

Because of some reasons, plastic pipe (5 inch) reduced in size due to which the motor is not getting inserted.…

Rainfall data

When will you upload the rainfall data in the site ?

Rainfall Data for India


I wrote to you regarding the data, can you help me in finding the rainfall data of India?

Thank you!

Need help regarding the borewell

We drilled 7 inch borewell for agricultural purpose. Hit the rock at 66 feet. Encountered 3 inches of water at 100 feet. After 110 feet loose soil encountered. The water was very muddy. The…

Rainfall data

I want to get the rainfall data for the last 20 years for Cherrapunji and Mawsynram. How would I able to get it?

Need rainfall data of East Kachchh

Need rainfall taluka-wise data of East Kachchh