Query from Devarao Shivaram Trust, Bangalore, Karnataka : Need inexpensive solutions for providing quality drinking water

Original Query: Subhash Mehta, Devarao Shivaram Trust, Bangalore
Posted on: 16th August 2005

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Query from Hartika, Jhansi, UP :Need a directory of international funding agencies supporting NGOs in water conservation

Original Query: Avani Mohan Singh, Haritika, Jhansi, UP
Posted on: 6th July 2005

I am Avani Mohan Singh, chief…

Solid waste management in urban settings - Need cases of successful recycling and revenue generation from solid waste in East Delhi

Original Query: Nidhi Prabha Tewari, Sanket Information & Research Agency, New Delhi
Posted on: 6th July 2005

Urban water supply from water impounding and aquifer recharging - Need cases and experiences

Original Query: Rahul Banerjee, Aarohi Trust, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Posted: 24th June 2005

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Need advice and inputs on the considerations for sharing of catchment pond water resources in a few villages in Rajasthan

Original Query: Alka Awasthi, Jal Bhagirathi Foundation, Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Posted: 13th June 2005

I am Dr…

Need advice on cost-effective and financially sustainable urban water supply & sanitation services

Original Query: Tushaar Shah, IWMI, Anand, Gujarat
Posted: 6th June 2005

I am the director of the IWMI-Tata…