Request to obtain the meteorological data

Can I get district-wise monthly weather data for the past 30 years? I hope weather data includes monthly rainfall, avg temperature, min and max temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and…

Remove rocks from the open well

I have a domestic well (not bore well) very near to my house in the Malappuram district, Kerala. It is around 10 to 20 feet deep. Currently, water is not available, and the well is very new. We…

About TDS level in drinking Water


Is the water with TDS 300 is suitable for drinking? And when we use RO filter, which is sold in the market, it reduces TDS to 50, is it fine to drink the RO filtered water?


Sharing borewell between two buildings

Is there any automation system for sharing one borewell between two buildings with two different electric meter?

Currently, we have to manually switch plug between two different meter…

15 mins short duration rainfall for Chennai


I'm looking for some short-duration rainfall data for Chennai region. This is for a Ngo and cannot procure data from IMD. Kindly help me.


Thanks & Regards

Met data for Evapotranspiration

When will the Met Data page start working, I need Evapotranspiration data of the Maharashtra region for my final year project?

Looking for water filters to distribute in rural areas in India

Hi there,

Very soon I am going on a road trip all across India covering rural areas in India.

If you are willing to give me water filters (I have heard a lot about NirNal), which I…


Dear Sir,                                                                                                                                                
Please explain what do we mean by…

Related to MET data availability

Respected Sir/Ma'am

I'm a 4th-year student of Civil Engg, I need the required data for my capstone project. When will the MET data be available?

Normal Rainfall Data of Uttarakhand

Dear Sir,

Previously, meteorological data for every district for the last 100 years was available on your portal. Now, I cannot access that data. In this regard, it is requested to kindly…

Implementing this model in Odisha


How can this water model be implemented in Odisha?

Motor and pump stuck in borewell


Have a motor and pump stuck in a borewell and we tried fishing it out. It's caught on something and almost overturned a tractor that tried to pull it. Someone who is coming to repair…

Promoting our toolkit in faecal sludge management in rural areas


What is the process of promoting our publications on your website?

Underground borewell got collapsed

I dug 600 ft. underground water borewell which got collapsed after rainy season and we have two lanters over it so we cannot rebore. How to clean and make this borewell working?

Need data for rainfall rate

Need rainfall rate of Kerala and Himachal Pradesh from 2015 to 2020.

How to get the water quality report released by the Bureau of India Standards (BIS)


I need to get a "Water Quality Report " as following mentioned

Recently, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution has released