Rainfall data of Thanjavur district from 2010 to 2020

I am writing regional Geography of Tamil Nadu. I want rainfall data for ten years (2010 to 2020) for Thanjavur district

Issue of borewell water yield

I am facing water yield problem in a borewell at my farm in North Gujarat. In 2014, we had a first borewell of 600ft depth, which worked properly for 6 years. 

After that, we dug a…

Usage of STP treated water

Hi all,

Would like to know how to use the STP treated water in water bodies of large commercial communities. Request to please share any further treatment required.


Water quality of a borewell

After one year of digging a borewell I am fixing a hand pump in it. I found the water to be crystal clear at the beginning of pumping, but it has become yellowish after 30 minutes of pumping. Any…

About borewell point

Geologist suggest exact borewell point so how can I move from action location or particular diameter?

Bottled water consumption


We are making a "data vision" on bottled water consumption in the world. I can not find a figure for India. Do you know the annual bottled water consumption per capita in India?…

Borewell water supply

My borewell is 280 feet deep, it was only 15 days that we have dug this borewell in Konkan. We got water at 55 feet and below that cement color dry powder came from the borewell. The contractor…

MLSS range to be maintained

What is the MLSS range to be maintained in the STP while normal operation? What needs to be done when it goes beyond the range? Thanks.

Query regarding overflow of septic tank

Dear Sir,

We live in Nanmangalam, a 14-house apartment complex in Chennai. The 15-foot septic tank overflows almost every week due to incorrect construction since it includes all the…

Borewell water colour changes to yellowish black and smells

10 years ago the borewell was dug. So far there is no problem. But a week ago, the borewell water began turning yellow with smell and foaming. After 3 days, it returned to normal but again turned…

Data of fluoride concentration

This is to inform you that I work on water quality data in Dhanbad. I read an article you have done on survey in Baliapur, Dhanbad related to fluoride concentration. Can you provide the data of…

Need temperature and rainfall data for educational purpose

Hi Team

I am Tadge Sachin from Pune. I want data related to temperature and rainfall state wise and district wise for project purpose. I am building one project in Machine Learning domain…

How to treat water with TDS 1800

I would like to get feedback on how to treat the water as per attached report to consume it for drinking purpose and household purposes (bathing, gardening, washing clothes, cleaning). Are there…

Smell in borewell water

I got my bore done at 390 feet 3-4 months ago, but water that comes out has got bad smell. Sometimes water is clear sometimes it's not. I could not find out why? Water in neighbourhood is good.…

Drilling in loose soil

In village Marenhalli and some surrounding areas in pincode 577528, when drilling for water, the soil from about 150 feet and deeper is seen to be loose with either gravel or slush. The high speed…

MET Data

Dear Sir/ Mam

Wish to know that when the Metrological data (MET Data) will be made available in the CSV format. Your quick response will be timely for me…

Meteorological Datasets for a Graduate Research

Hello! Are the Meteorological datasets for 13 climate parameters for all districts of India from 1901 to 2002 avaliable? I do not mind in cleaning them too, I really would like to have acess to…

Requisition for ESRI GIS shape files of river basins in India

Respected Sir,

I am currently pursuing my M.E in Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering at Center for Water Resources, College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, Chennai - 600025.…

Need info on pump capacity

With 3 inch delivery pipe - 350 feet depth pump - what capacity pump required (HP)? How many stages submersible pump required? What is the best company option?

Regarding the depth of the borewell

Dear Sir,

We have recently drilled a borewell. Water started coming at 20 ft itself. And the borewell was dug upto 125 ft with slatered casing pipe installed till 125 ft. We planned for…