Grey water treatment consulting required for 7.5 acre residential layout site

We at Kandhan Estate carry out layout promotion business and building activities for the past 22 years. We need consultation for the grey water treatment with cost effective and low maintenance.…

Query regarding borewell and submersible pump

Dug borewell upto 140ft, clean water appeared at 80ft (casing upto 60 ft). Post that, we installed CRI 1 HP submersible pump and we started getting mud water for couple of mins and then the pump…

Precipitation data for Andhra Pradesh

Can I get precipitation data for Andra Pradesh for last 100 years from 19011 to 2020 ?

Staying near a water treatment plant

Hi, I am staying around 200 metres away from a water treatment plant which is next to a lake. 

Can you please help me if 200 metres distance from a water treatment plant is fine and there…

How to select a submersible motor?

I have drilled a new borewell for 6 inch diameter and 150 feet depth in my agriculture land two days back. Water level is available at 90 feet itself. Presently I have 2 phase supply and I have…

Query regarding springshed management

How can I go about making a springshed plan to improve spring water discharge?

Repair of Borewell

I am in Hoshiarpur in Punjab. Was looking for a firm which can do a camera inspection of a 240-foot deep, 4.5-inch diameter home borewell.

Need weekly rainfall data Rajkot district

From where can I get rainfall data of Rajkot district?

Regarding depth of submersible pump


We have a borewell that is 700 feet deep and have installed submersible pump (6hp, 20 stage) at a depth of 400 feet. After 20 minutes of pumping, the discharge amount reduces and stays…

Water pump capacity

I want to buy a water pump for fish ponds. Pls help me, which pump can lift water from 400 feet?

Silt in borewell

We have drilled a borewell with 450 ft depth. At 3 inch water was struck. We placed 7.5 HP pump at 350 ft. Within a month the motor got stuck. It was filled with sand. Took out pump and cleaned…

River Discharge Data for Indian River


I am unable to access River discharge time-series data for Indian rivers. Can you please help me get this data for some flood prediction research work? Attached is the form on the…

Certification for flavoured water



We are planning to start a new business of natural tulsi water (flavour water) in Gujarat.

We want to know that BIS certification is mandatory for that or…

Should I redrill or drill a new one

I drilled about 900ft on hard granite in Odisha. Water yield is very less 400 ltrs a day.

Should I redrill to see if there is water level bellow the granite. I'm not sure how big is the…

Looking for 3D detectors for a borewell in Bangalore Rural

I have a borewell with 800 ft depth with a single source of water at 550 ft, casing of 48ft but I have motor of 10hp and it pulls out water for only 15-20 min in a 2 inch pipe. 

1. I would…

Need weather data for research

I want the weather data for my PhD research.

Discharge standards of PFAS and PFOS

Whether the Government of India has set any standard for usage and discharging of chemicals of PFOS and PFOA?

Need info on water supply from a borewell


The discharge from a submersible pump 75Hp with 400 feet bore depth is 1.5 cusec. What is the yield and how to calculate it?

Water quality supplied by CIDCO to Kamothe, Navi Mumbai


I am living at Kamothe, Navi Mumbai and using water supplied by CIDCO.

I want to know quality of CIDCO water like TDS, Hardness, pH and presence of microbial organism and…

Penalty amount by KSPCB for operating STP without CFO certificate

Are official penalty amounts by KSPCB for various reasons (Ex:operating STP without CFO certificate) updated anywhere?
If renewal of CFO certificate is missed for some reason (eventhough STP…