Uttarakhand bans quarrying in Ganga, its tributaries

The state government plans to ban quarrying in the Ganga. (Picture courtesy: Hindustan Times)
The state government plans to ban quarrying in the Ganga. (Picture courtesy: Hindustan Times)

Uttarakhand bans quarrying in the Ganga and its tributaries post NGT order

Following an interim order by the National Green Tribunal (NGT), the Uttarakhand government has decided to ban all quarrying activities along the Ganga. On February 16, the NGT  had banned quarrying in Ganga and its tributaries following a complaint lodged by a Haridwar based social activist. Citing livelihood loss to thousands of families dependent on small-scale quarrying, the pro-quarrying lobby in the region has asked the NGT to reconsider its decision. 

Thiruvananthapuram districts make digging of percolation pits mandatory in all homes

The Thiruvananthapuram District Disaster Management Authority has decided to strictly enforce provisions pertaining to rainwater harvesting ahead of a daunting summer with possible water shortages. All houses with an area over 200 sq.m. are expected to dig percolation pits inside their premises to help recharge groundwater. It has also been decided that plots over 300 sq.m. should have at least one percent of the total area to be reserved for rainwater percolation. 

Water resources minister non-committal on time frame for Cauvery Management Board

The Centre has no time frame in place for the constitution of the Cauvery Management Board as mandated by the Supreme Court. That the Union Minister for Water Resources Nitin Gadkari was non-committal on a possible time frame for the Board's constitution has angered opposition parties in Tamil Nadu. The Supreme Court, while passing its verdict on February 16, had ordered the central government to set up the management board within six weeks. 

Tiruchirapalli Corporation to introduce ‘Save Water’ campaign to promote judicious resource use

Staring at a gruelling summer, the Tiruchirapally city corporation has decided to launch a ‘save water’ campaign mainly aimed at creating awareness and to promote judicious use of water. Close to 55 percent of all metred connections under the corporation's limits receive water from the civic body's many borewells in the Cauvery and Kollidam river beds. Poor yield from these wells had resulted in the corporation being able to supply water only on alternate days last year, resulting in a serious backlash from residents. 

Government plans to land sea-planes on clean Yamuna under Project Yamunosa

Delhi BJP leaders promise the landing of seaplanes on the Yamuna in five years' time once the river is rid of all the filth and pollution. For this, a 500-metre wide channel is expected to be created after dredging where the river will be made to flow in this channel. A separate dam will be constructed near Agra to ensure there is water available to flow through the channel. This closely resembles Gujarat's Sabarmati resurrection plan where water from the Narmada was used to maintain flow. 

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