Study of ancient water storage systems on forts in Nashik district of Maharashtra - Paper presented at the National Seminar on Water and Culture (2007)

Adapting ancient understanding of water collection, storage, supply and distribution in forts to present day urban needs.

This paper studies the water supply, distribution, collection and storage in the forts around Nashik with the idea of testing the viability of implementing such systems in areas of similar topography. The history of forts in Maharashtra and the forts around Nashik and the water collection and distribution systems thereof are described.

The stone quarries for the construction of the fort were converted into the lake. Further, the blasts were designed, so as to tap into groundwater. The geological aspects that helped in creating these tanks is also described.

The water harvesting, collection, storage and use in different forts are then detailed out. For example, for the Salher fort, the size of its water tank and geographical data. is provided. 6 tanks are studied and analysed.

In conclusion, the authors categorically state that traditional systems of water maanagement are not redundant today. There is a need to modify such systems to cater to modern needs.

This paper was presented at the National Seminar on Water and Culture organised by Kannada University and Sahayoga in 2007.

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