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A list of new books that are currently available and related information is presented.

 A list of new books that are currently available and related information is presented.

THE BLUE COVENANT The Global Water Crisis & the Coming Battle for the Right to Water Author: Maude Barlow BLUE COVENANT, The Sequel to Blue Gold, the earlier international bestseller, describes a powerful response to this trend: the emergence of an international, grassroots-led movement to have water declared a basic human right, something that can't be bought or sold for profit. World renowned activist Maude Barlow is at the centre of this movement, which is gaining popular and political support across the gobe, encompassing protests in India against US bottling giant Coca-Cola etc. With great passion and clarity, Barlow traces the history of these international battles, documents the life & death stakes involved in the fight for the right to water, and lays out the actions that we as global citizens must take to secure a water-just world , a "blue covenant" , for all Published 2007. Reprinted in India by BfC in 2008. Paperback. RS 250.00 Net after Discount: RS 200.00

ELIXIR OF LIFE The Socio-ecological Governance of Drinking water Editor : K V Raju A well-recognised fact is that water supply is one of the major challenges faced in both urban and rural India. Various dimensions , social, technical, economic, institutional, environmental, legal and political , of the problem have been addressed in this book for the effective implementation of rural water supply schemes. The two major states involved in the study are Karnataka and Gujarat. Since urban centres, particularly large cities are more politically visible, vocal and demanding, they are frequently served by multiple sources, and firefighting efforts are made to meet crises situations in these centres The authors also attempt to understand the present status of groundwater and the extent of dependency on it, to estimate the number of private tubewells, investments, understanding water markets, access to water supply, reasons for relying on groundwater, etc. In urban India there is an overdependence on water from groundwater. This is mainly due to the non-availability of adequate surface resources. In both rural and urban areas, traditional systems of water supply are revived. But this cannot be done in isolation and many changes have to be forthcoming from within society. It has been estimated by the late Anil Agarwal that any village in India with an average rainfall of 300,350mm can collect enough water locally to meet the needs of local people A collaborative initiative of IWMI-Tata Water Policy Program. Paperback. RS 600.00 Net after Discount: RS 480.00

Important Ordering Information Postage waived off on all orders, To order book/s, please call/fax/email at: S Rajan Iyer, Books for Change (Dedicated to Development), 139, Richmond Road Bangalore , 560 025, Tel # 080-25580346/25321747. Fax # 080-25586284 Cell # 09379268545.


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