Does your packaged drinking water contain minerals or pollutants?

Unsafe bottled water
Unsafe bottled water

Does your packaged drinking water contain minerals or pollutants?

Hold off from guzzling cold packaged drinking water. Samples collected from 34 units of packaged potable water in Chennai were found to be unsafe. The pollution board has issued notice to 300 units, some of which are operating without licenses.

Drill borewells to recharge groundwater

Drill borewells in dry tanks so that rainwater seeps through and recharges the water table - suggests Zilla panchayat member in Hassan, Karnataka. An earlier experiment to recharge a borewell at Bylahalli in Hassan taluk has already yielded good results

The British to the rescue!

The Kuttemperoor river in Kerala, once the lifeline of the area, is on the verge of extinction after losing 90% of its water flow. The British government is going to provide both technical and financial help to revive it.

50 years too late, 18 times too expensive!

After waiting for nearly half a century, water deficient and fluoride affected Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri districts of Tamil Nadu, can finally look forward to a drinking water supply project. The project, which was estimated at Rs. 110 crore in 1960 stands at Rs.1,928.8 crore now. 

The ‘stink report’ deadline extended in Bangalore

How much longer will it be before there is a ‘clean’ solution to the perpetual garbage problems in Bangalore? The Karnataka High Court has given the newly elected government some breathing space to answer this question and come up with stricter rules and regulations, which may include increased fines.

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