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The 'Apna Talab Abhiyaan' programme promotes the building of private talabs on peoples' lands to help improve groundwater recharge in Bundelkhand.

Charkhari, a princely state of India in the colonial period was once a beautiful settlement founded by Saurabh Singh Bundela, a Rajput King. Acceded to India post-Independence, the town is now located in Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh. The place was home to intricate water management systems in the past. According to the settlement records for the Bundelkhand region, the region had numerous talabs-about 962 during the Chandela period-of which only 421 remain today. These old talabs (water bodies) showcase the skill of the builders of this period.  




764 industries behind Ganga pollution

In a survey conducted between 2011 and 2013, the Central Pollution Control Board identified the polluting industries in five states on the main stem of the river and its tributaries

Ineffective chlorination behind railway stations' contaminated water

News this week: Report says tap water across the Northern Railways is highly polluted; Metal industry poisons groundwater of Chittoor; Allahabad's water table reducing by 62 cm every year.

Water across Northern Railways highly contaminated, says report




India's first river interlinking project inuagurated

Drinking water at railway stations highly contaminated: Report

50 lakh passengers using Northern Railways drink extremely polluted water. Of the samples tested for coliform bacteria, all in the Lucknow division were found contaminated while 59% were found contaminated in the Moradabad division and 94% in the Ambala division

Metal plant contaminates groundwater in Kollam

Groundwater has turned acidic and agricultural fields gone waste within 500 metres radius of Kerala Minerals and Metal Limited in Chittoor village, affecting 300 familes. Tankers supply water only once a week

Maha Irrigation Scam report ready

Manipur villagers spend Rs 400 per month on drinking water

79% people living in villages of the four valley districts in Manipur use raw water from ponds, rivers and canals, says the Village Development Profile published by the Manipur State Panchayat Parishad

Pollution plagues holy wells of Rameshwaram temple

Siang Basin dams' study inadequate: NGO

South Asia Network for Dams, Rivers and People says the cumulative study conducted by the Central Water Commission does not mention social and cultural impacts of the 44 proposed projects on the river in Arunachal Pradesh

Thanks to high pollution, Agra's water supply may be suspended

Uninformed construction on the Indian side floods Nepal

Construction of embankments and dykes along Kaliganga river in Uttarakhand results in floods in Nepal's Dharchula district downstream.

A new law Ganga

PMO asks the Environment Ministry to frame the law that will give authorities the power to monitor and regulate the dischare of wastewater, industrial effluents and management of municipal solid waste through the imposition of penalties and damages.


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