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  • Hello,We have dug a borewell at 250 ft depth with water level at 180 feet, 4.5" dia for domestic purpose. The bore company representatives said that at 250ft depth, the bore is surrunded by pebbles and hence we should go for compressor pump. Going by their suggestion we fixed a 8Kg/Sq.mt compre...
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  • Hello,We have dug a bore, 465 feet deep, 3 days ago. It was observed by the bore company that there are three sources of water one at 60 feet, two @ 100 feet and three @ 330 ft. Kindly suggest an economical motor to extract maximum quantity of water with good speed.
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  • Hi,We have installed water meter in our apartment in Bangalore (Kadubeesanahalli area). Our aim is to reduce the water consumption at individual level. We are going to start the billing, but we have observed that some water meters dont show change in reading. We found that  water meter filter h...
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  • Hello,The tubewell motor always gets jammed every 2-3 months once. Can anyone suggest what could be the reason?
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  • Hello,Our tube well has started giving problem for the last 2 months. The problem is that the motor yield water for the first five minutes. Later it starts making a lot of noise there is no water pumping.Is this a problem with the motor or is it non-availability of water?
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  • Sir,Our boreell in our farm is 500 feet deep. The submersible motor is at a depth of 300ft. We wanted to replace the cable wire which had worn out. While removing, a person had been helping with a small hammer which slipped and went inside the sidings of the bore. It got stuck close to the pump and ...
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  • Hi,I am working in Arunachal Pradesh as a Teacher. My home town is in Kahalgaon, Bhagaplur, Bihar-8013203. My house has no water supply from Municipality. We have dug a borewell, 660 ft deep. I want to know which is the pump that I should use.With regards,
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  • Hello,I request you to kindly explain the working of flow controller/regulator on the delivery line of the Jet pump. I don't know the technical name of this. It is some what like a globe valve and the flow/pressure of discharge water is regulated by lowering or raising a bolt located on top of this ...
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  • Hi,20 days ago we dug a borewell 170ft deep, 5" diameter. There is about 145ft of water in the bore. We installed a 1.5hp monoblock compressor pump- Suguna. The air pipe from the pump is CPVC for about 10ft and then 0.5" hose all the way down to about 164ft (50m). The delivery pipe is a 1" hose 164f...
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  • Hello,Recently I had a new borewell, 4.5" dia 300' deep. When I switch off the motor I am getting voilent hammering sound. Please advise on what the problem could be and how should I overcome this.raoji77@yahoo.com
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  • Hello,We require  following 4 pumps. Please let me know how to calculate the capacity (HP) of the pump1. A pump from well to sump - 3304 LPM, head 106mts with 50 % stand by.2. A pump to discharge from sump 3304LPM, head 110 mts with 50% stand by.3. A pump with 3075 LPM head 22mts with 100% stan...
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  • The more water intensive the crop, the more power it guzzles - A research paper on the energy consumed by various crops
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  • Hello,We have dug a borewell of 650 ft depth. A 2 HP compressor pump with a single phase connection has been fixed at 500 ft. We have been getting very less water of 100 litres currently.We have now got three phase connection. Will changing the mtor to a higher capacity one (5 HP or so) help in gett...
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  • Dear Sir/Madam,I am a resident of Mahipalpur Extn, Delhi. Delhi Jal Board has dug a borewell for around 60-75 plots in the locality. The locality has been divided into 3 parts. Every part consisit of 15-20 plots (these plots are 4 storey buildings and have 9-10 tenant families in each plot) who use ...
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  • Hi,Recently we have dug a borewell, 600 ft deep. Water level is at 580 ft. When we tried installing a motor, we encountered a stone at 460 ft.Please advise as to what needs to be done to resolve this issue.
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  • Hello,I have to start the construction of my house but at the moment here is no electricity upply there and it would take about six months. I have a 6.5 inch bore, 360 ft deep with water from 75 ft onwards.Is it possible to go in for a generator or UPS with a submersible pump? If yes, what would be ...
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  • Hello,We have a borewell in our farm which was dug 6 years ago at a depth of 335 ft, we got 1.5 inch water, the borewell is however 450 ft deep. We have a1hp pump at a depth of 100 ft. The borewell is continously run with this pump for 1.5 inch water pipe for last 6 years. I am now looking for ...
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  • Indian farmers depend on groundwater for irrigation but often, there is a shortage of electricity that is required to pump out this water. While diesel pumps are an option, they are costly to run. A better alternative is to tap into freely available solar power. However, this technology is quite exp...
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  • Hi,We have a farmland which gets borewell water through 3 phase electricity.In recent times, there has been a power problem in the area and we have not been getting electricity for morethan 4 to 5 hours per day which is causing an issue.I am planning to look at options for alternative source of ener...
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  • Hi,We have a sump tank in the basement where we store the waste water from the toilets located in basement. What should be the capacity (HP) of pump required to pump out this water to the main drain chamber? Any suggestions on the brand names will also be usefulThank You.
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Bangalore water mafia goes innovative to evade law

The water mafia, with the help of local political leaders, has taken to digging borewells in rented premises in localities closer to lakes. This started after the government started monitoring borewells in the city

Finally, prediction of low monsoon from the horse's mouth

The Indian Meteorological Department, corroborating global assessment of the El Nino, has predicted “below normal” rainfall during monsoon this year with a rainfall of 95% of the long period average

No deal on Teesta irks Bangladesh Opposition 

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party has blamed the ruling government for not being able to ink a deal on Teesta river's water sharing. Dams on the river on the Indian side have hindered its flow and led to water scarcity in northern Bangladesh

Alarming water shortage in Manipur

Himachal villages to carry out own EIA

Drinking water in more than half rural homes contaminated

Even as 99% of urban and 97% rural households in India have drinking water access, 41% urban and 60% rural homes still get contaminated water, says the latest study published in Lancet, a British medical journal

Manganese in Goa's prime reservoir

Garudeshwar dam: for a statue or for people?

The dam in Gujarat's Bharuch district will act as downstream storage for the Sardar Sarovar project which means it can't be used for irrigation, flood control or even net power generation.However, it will create a reservoir around the 'Statue of Unity' proposed to be world's tallest statue

NGOs urge World Bank not to promote water privatization

The Bank has been funding a lot of such projects in South Asia. Even as they face a lot of problems, they are being cited as models to be emulated elsewhere. Nagpur's Orange City Water is one such project plagued with corruption and service shutdowns

Fly ash laden water from power plant contaminates water in MP village

The water spilled into the village when mud wall of the fly ash dyke of Essar's Mahan thermal power plant in Singrauli district collapsed. In an earlier instance, the state pollution control board asked the plant to shut down when fly ash from the plant was found flowing in a nearby stream

Govt to increase irrigation potential by 10%

The move is cut down reliance on monsoon rain which sustains agriculture on 50% of the farmland in the country, says A B Pandya, chairman of the Central Water Commission. As of now, 97 million hectares of land is under irrigation


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