Breathing life into Baitarani
The river basin of Baitarani is facing many challenges in these changing times. Initiatives are on to protect it. makarandpurohit posted 5 years 1 month ago

Pranab Choudhury has been actively engaged with the causes of the poor and the environment for more than a decade.

Pranab Choudhury
Use rain to beat drought
An analysis by IMD proves that rainwater harvesting is the best way to overcome the continuous dry spells the country witnesses. Aarti Kelkar Khambete posted 5 years 2 months ago

A recent analysis by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) determined the rooftop rainwater harvesting potential of the districts in Maharashtra in a year by calculating the average amount of rainwater in litres that can be caught over one square foo

Mumbai in monsoon. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Saving inland fisherfolk
Inland fishermen are fast disappearing. With inshore fishing picking up pace in India, this community needs to be saved. makarandpurohit posted 5 years 2 months ago

In his late 30s, Nilesh Heda is a renowned expert on issues related to fishing communities and wetland ecology. While doing his PhD on fish diversity, he worked with the fishing communities in Vidarbha in Maharashtra.

Dr Nilesh Heda
Save rivers with traditional knowledge
Winner of the 2016 Emerging River Professional Award, Tero Mustonen talks in length about how utilising traditional knowledge can help in dealing with the challenges rivers face. Swati Bansal posted 5 years 3 months ago

The Emerging River Professional Award is an initiative of the International RiverFoundation. The award recognises and fosters early career professionals who have demonstrated innovation, excellence and leadership in the areas of rivers, basins or river-dependent communities. The winner receives a cash prize of AU$5,000. 

Tero Mustonen receives the 2016 Emerging River Professional Award. (Image source: International RiverFoundation)
Get wealthy with water
This year’s winner of Thiess International Riverprize, Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper talks to India Water Portal on how their river restoration efforts became a success with public participation. Swati Bansal posted 5 years 3 months ago

The Thiess International Riverprize is a globally renowned prize that is awarded by the International RiverFoundation to those demonstrating outstanding results in the sustainable river basin management, restoration and protection across the world.

Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper receive the Thiess International Riverprize at the 19th International River Symposium. (Image Source: International RiverFoundation)
A losing battle
A film explores the truth behind the shrinking Dal and ways to reverse the situation. makarandpurohit posted 5 years 3 months ago

At the recently concluded Woodpecker International Film Festival held at Sirifort Auditorium, New Delhi, Abdul Rashid, who works for Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMMRC) in the University of Kashmir, was awarded Young Green Filmmaker 2016.

Abdul Rashid receives the nomination certificate during WIFF 2016.
Voices that go unheard
A documentary film throws light on the travails of people living on the banks of a changing Teesta. makarandpurohit posted 5 years 3 months ago

Minket Lepcha always felt close to nature and the environment since her childhood, thanks to her upbringing in the picturesque Darjeeling. Though she had spent many years in Delhi, studying and working in corporate firms, her interest in community development, environment and culture brought her back to her home town. 

Minket Lepcha receives Young Green Filmmaker award at WIFF 2016
When in drought, save the livestock
What is the impact of drought on farmers and their livestock? Expert Sajal Kulkarni speaks to India Water Portal. makarandpurohit posted 5 years 4 months ago

The Marathwada and Vidarbha region of Maharashtra have been witnessing drought and drinking water crises for a long time. A drought situation always makes headlines for its impact on human lives, but rarely for the effect it has on the livelihoods of these farmers. Livestock are their lifeline and extreme climatic variations are bound to affect them adversely.

Sajal Kulkarni
Water for everyone
How can we regulate water resources in an equitable way? Expert Pradeep Purandare speaks to India Water Portal. makarandpurohit posted 5 years 4 months ago

The management of water resources in India has always been a challenge. From the British era till now, the various governments that ruled India have grappled with the fundamental issue of water equity. 

Pradeep Purandare
The nature of trade
What can be done to nature’s commodification to save it from the onslaught of development? A new book delves into some pertinent questions related to current environmental crises Aarti Kelkar Khambete posted 5 years 4 months ago

Kanchi Kohli is a researcher, writer and campaigner working on environment, forest and biodiversity governance in India and their interface with trade and industrialisation.

The environment, sustainability and business interests. (Source: India Water Portal)