Gurudas Nulkar

Gurudas Nulkar
Damned by pollution, doomed by beautification
The River Front Development project planned by the PMC is nothing but a cosmetic makeover for the already choked Mula Mutha river in Pune, argues Dr Gurudas Nulkar while speaking to the India Water Portal.
Posted on 15 Jun, 2022 12:58 PM

Pune has been a water rich city and the Mula and the Mutha rivers that flow through the city are tributaries that join to form the Mula Mutha river in the city that joins the Bhima and then later, the Krishna river.

The highly polluted and encroached Mula Mutha river in Pune (Image: Alexey Komarov via Wikimedia Commons)
The Teesta, in distress!
Dammed and bound, will the beautiful river Teesta survive India's insatiable demand for electricity?
Posted on 25 Mar, 2022 02:33 PM

That corner of the country where Sikkim and North Bengal are situated is less than 80 km at its widest point. This region lies to the North-East of the “Chicken's Neck” or the strategic Siliguri corridor.

Heaven on earth: A view of the Teesta from the coronation bridge (Image Source: Paramanu Sarkar via Wikimedia Commons)