Sabarkantha District

Rainfall data Sabarkantha District, Gujarat last 10 years
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I want rainfall data of Sabarkantha district, Gujarat last 10 years.

Making water available for all
Civil society activists champion alternatives to conventional water management solutions implemented by the government. Amita Bhaduri posted 2 years 7 months ago

India, the second largest population in the world, is facing a water crisis with over 600 million people facing acute water shortage, as per a report by Niti Aayog, the government think-tank. India’s water crisis is expected to worsen, threatening the country’s food security as over 80 percent of our water is used in agriculture.

The pollution rates of the river Hindon are alarming. Despite work by conservation groups, the efforts on the part of the government to fix the problem remain uncertain. (Image: Hindi Water Portal)
Innovative government-NGO partnerships for development
The partnership between the NGO SEWA and Gujarat Water Supply and Sewerage Board is an important policy shift that signifies NGOs can be competent providers of public services. Swati Bansal posted 4 years ago

Sari-clad women handling tools with alacrity while fixing water hand pumps is a common sight in the Sabarkantha district in north Gujarat.

Bayad and Dhansura subdistricts in Gujarat.

Trained and organised by SEWA, the women who repair hand pumps are called barefoot mechanics. (Photo by Amruta Mahakalkar)
To adapt or not to adapt - the dilemma between long term resource management and short term livelihoods
The chapter explores the multifaceted social, physical, cultural, policy and economic dimensions of declining groundwater by studying farmer's response to drought in three districts of Gujarat rajshekar posted 12 years 6 months ago

This chapter from the book 'The Agricultural Groundwater Revolution: opportunities a