Nadia District

Acute crisis of water, power and medical facilities in Nepal after earthquake
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Nepal earthquake toll exceeds 4300

Earthquake in Nepal (Source: Krish Dulal)
Water, sanitation and health situation in select villages of Nadia district, West Bengal
To assess the exact level of water contamination in Nadia district of West Bengal, India Water Partnership commissioned a brief study to one of its east zone partners - Kalyani Institute for Study, Planning & Action for Rural Change (KINSPARC). KINSPARC conducted a comprehensive base-line survey of a cluster of villages in Nadia, based on which Iswaripur and Chandamari village were identified for in-depth study. Awareness and attitudinal changes among people generated by this survey may be interpreted as a step towards mitigating the threat of an impending disaster. Amita Bhaduri posted 8 years ago

Guest post: Veena Khanduri, India Water Partnership

The Gangetic river basin in Eastern India receives heavy monsoon rainfall, much higher than the rest of India. Nonetheless, the region suffers from both the problem of year round water availability as well as poor quality of drinking water. Due to excessive exploitation, the groundwater aquifers in the region have been depleting alarmingly, surface water is highly limited & poorly maintained and consequently cannot count up as a major source of safe drinking water.

International Symposium on “System Intensification towards Food & Environmental Security”, CWSS, BCKV, Nadia, West Bengal
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                                           Crop and Weed Science Society (CWSS)

Impacts of groundwater contamination with fluoride and arsenic - Affliction severity, medical cost and wage loss in Indian villages
The study found that fluoride and arsenic contamination had high cost on society and concluded that government agencies and individuals need to get more attentive to address the issue Rama Mani posted 11 years 7 months ago

This document on the study conducted by IWMI on the Carewater site aimed at understanding the economic and social burden experienced by people afflicted with contamination of water due to higher percentages

Contacts needed for water sanitation project in Krishnanagar, West Bengal
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My name is Deb Gangoapdhyay and I am a student at Yale University. I and a fellow student, Yuzhe Feng, have received funding to conduct a water quality and sanitation project in the Krisnanagar district of Nadia, West Bengal.