Kolkata District

Arrival of northeast monsoon & retreat of southwest monsoon coincides this year; Salt lake and several metro cities shrinking at alarming pace
News this week Posted on 23 Oct, 2019 01:36 PM

Soon a national framework for e-flows in all major rivers

Yamuna river in Delhi (Source: Sudhanshu Malhotra via IWP Flickr Photos)
Protecting the kidneys of Kolkata – the East Kolkata Wetlands
A real estate boom is tightening its grip on the East Kolkata Wetlands, a unique waste processing ecosystem. Cooperation and coproduction, not conflict are needed to save them. Posted on 08 Aug, 2019 05:12 PM

 The East Kolkata Wetlands (EKW) are a truly unique ecosystem, presenting a very different sight from the normal urban landscape in India.

Fishermen use wastewater of Kolkata to rear fish (Image Source: India Water Portal)
Twenty-six states under threat of desertification
News this week Posted on 18 Jun, 2019 08:23 PM

The threat of desertification increases in 26 of 29 states

Increasing desertification, a challenge India needs to tackle. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Job opening at Splash International, Kolkata for Programme Data Officer - India
Posted on 04 Jun, 2019 11:27 AM


The Organization

Job opening at Splash International, Kolkata for Behaviour Change Specialist
Posted on 04 Jun, 2019 11:03 AM

The Job

Location: Kolkata, India

Gujarat drought: Centre aid sought
News this week Posted on 19 Dec, 2018 06:35 AM

Gujarat seeks financial aid of Rs 1,725 crore from the Centre for drought relief works 

Gujarat seeks aid for drought relief. (Source: IWP Flickr Photos)
Kerala declares its districts drought-hit
News this week Posted on 07 Nov, 2016 09:51 AM

All 14 districts in Kerala have been declared drought-hit

Parched land during drought in India. (Source: IWP Flickr Photos)
Selling packaged water above MRP punishable offence
News this week Posted on 17 Oct, 2016 09:02 AM

Jail term for selling packaged water above MRP: Government

Mineral water bottles (Source: Pixabay.com)