MoEF finally notifies 37% of Western Ghats as no-go zone

Rains hit 3200 villages in Andhra

Heavy rains and floods in the state took 29 human and 555 cattle lives. Destroys 6,597 houses and crops in 5.64 lakh hectares.

Montreal Protocol meeting leaves no big impact

India strengthens its ties with China

The two countries sign a new agreement strengthening their relationship on trans-border rivers. China assures facilitating exchange of flood data and eases India's concern over new dams on Brahmaputra.

Creating national regulator for green nod not possible, tells govt to SC


I was wondering if the salt based water softeners alternatives like electronic/ electromagnetic/ magnetic treatment systems actually work for small applications, eg: apartments. 

I am from Chennai and in my apartment complex, the water is very hard and the showers, bathrooms and sinks get dirty very quickly and need regular cleaning. From what I hear from my neighbours, lot of money and of course lot of water is being spent on cleaning. Using salt based softeners is not feasible as they are too big and the amount of maintenance involved. 





We have started using water from a well which is 40-feet deep from last two weeks. The water is still brown in colour, muddy and salty to taste. The TDS of the water is morethan 2000.

In mornings, the taste of the water is not salty. As we start using it, the water becomes salty. The wells in nearby homes have clear and sweet water.

Kindly provide suggestions on how to sort this problem.





For more information on the International Conference & Exhibition on Green Buildings, of which this training programme is a part, please click here.

To register online for the same, click here.

The Agenda for the programme and the registration forms are attached below.


October 21, 2013 12:00AM





Background of the programme

The State level workshop aims to:

  • Explore laws relating to groundwater resources
  • Create a platform for the participants to interact with lawyers,technocrats and bureaucrats to understand the working of groundwater laws in Tamil Nadu


The workshop requires full day attendance and participation.

How to apply

October 24, 2013 9:30AM
October 19, 2013 12:00PM




Unrecognised slums get recognition

Census of India develops the new method of identifying slums as unhygienic and compact dwellings of atleast 300 people lacking proper sanitation and drinking water facilities. With the new method, many unknown slums have added up to the category.

The mega campaign to conserve fuel

Mining of earth banned in India

National Green Tribunal bans digging of earth throughout India for making bricks and roads without obtaining environmental clearance.

Ahmedabad and Chennai to host India Water Expo


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