Kejriwal frees water in Delhi

NGT stops construction of Mapithel dam

National Green Tribunal halts Manipur's Mapithel Dam as it violates the Forest Rights Act. To go ahead with the project, state government may now need people's approval.

India grants Rs 374 million to Nepal for flood mitigation


I have recently done a water analysis testing for our borewell water at the Central Water Testing Institue at Guindy, Chennai.

I do not understand much of the report details.

If someone can have a look at the attached water test reports and suggest a possible water treament solution, it will be of great help.

Source of the water is : Borewell (123 Ft)

Pump:submersible motor.


Vijay S





I recently gave my borewater for testing in a lab in Chennai. I am not able to understand the report and also the type of treatment required for the water.

I have attached the scanned report. Can anyone have a look at it and suggest the treatment required?

Bore Details:

Depth: 123 Feet

Pump: Submersibile Pump (at 100 feet)


Vijay S






Tribunal favours Karnataka on Almatti dam's height

Winning the legal battle against Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka allowed to raise the height of Almatti reservoir across Krishna river to 524 metres.

Master Blaster to bat for sanitation

New division dedicated to only Himalayas created

MoEF has formed a separate unit to deal with policy matters related to conservation and development in the Himalayan region. The new division was formally announced in 2011 but became active following the Uttarakhand flash floods.

Authorities plan to revive 21 lakes in Tiruvallur and Kancheepuram districts

Andhra coast reels under cyclone Helen

Following Phailin, cyclone Helen creates a havoc in Krishna and Godavari delta areas of Andhra Pradesh. The cyclone killed seven people and destroyed paddy crops worth Rs. 5000 crore.

Rajasthan mute as MP proceeds with dam project in inter-state Chambal basin

Locals oppose power projects on Siang river

Expecting a large-scale submergence of their cultivable land, indigenous people demand immediate cancellation of the three mega power projects proposed on Siang river in Arunachal Pradesh.

Install toilets at home to contest local body elections, announces Bihar CM

MoEF finally notifies 37% of Western Ghats as no-go zone


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