What will happen to the IT city of of Bengaluru if the lakes die?

Talking of Bangalore Lakes


The lake and their connecting Rajakaluve system is a unique eco system developed by the founder Kempegowda of the Bangalore city some 500 years ago. At one time the growing city had over 1000 lakes serving the purpose of harvesting the scant rainfall which was less than 90cm, and providing water for drinking, agriculture,supporting aqua and avion life besides moderating humidity and climate. The population explosion post industrialisation and the advent of IT has totally destroyed these lakes by way of encroachment of the lake land by the greedy development lobby with the connivance of the politicians and administrators.Today as per latest count by the committee set up by the legislative assembly, only less than 835 lakes in different conditions of destruction are found.

The active,serviceable lakes are less than 100. Over 10,000 acres of lake land has been encroached and on which spawling layouts,bus terminus,stadiums,malls,temples,roads,school and colleges have come up. BDA and BBMP the cities prime developer and conservators are the biggest culprits. The city is starving for drinking water with limited supply from Cauvery and the ground water levels reaching unfathomable levels beyond 1000 feet.This too is highly polluted due to mixing of sewage/drainage water. Instead of restoring the Lake system of the city,the govt is chasing distant dreams like Yethinahole etc. Not a single lake is in its pristine condition. Water is highly polluted and the lake area has become dumping ground for the city debris on one hand, while on the other it is a septic tank for the untreated sewage discharges from habitats.

No more are these lakes habitats for the rich acqua and avion life which the city boasted of not long ago. Dying fishes,froth and fumes posing hazardous conditions are frequent occurrences. Several NGOs are fighting to save the lake system, bui alas, there is an unresponsive Govt and its parastatal agencies. Legal recourses were attempted including the NGT, but every attempt leads to a dead end by an unwilling govt and blocked by the land mafia,developer lobby,water tank mafia and garbage mafia etal.

What is the way forward to save this lake system,ensure water safety , protect the environment of this garden city which millions have chased and continue to chase as their dream city?

Please share your thoughts.


Professor K S Bhat