Water yield from borewell of 300 feet very less, 50 feet away from river bed - What steps to take to increase water yield ?


I have a very new bore well of total 300 feet. I installed a 5 hp submersible motor at 250 feet to extract water. The pump runs for 10 min only and there is no water after that. If I restart the pump again in 15 min, the pump delivers water for another 10 min.


I used a scientific method with the help of the PWD in Tamil Nadu to find the underground water prior to digging the bore well. They confirmed that the water level at 200 feet. For a safer side I drilled the borewell upto 300 feet with diameter of 6".


I am very upset with  the low water yield of the bore well as it is just 50 feet away from river bank/bed. Please advise me on the next step I need to take. 


The neighboring farmer has an open well of 25 feet and has water yield from 19 feet onwards.