Water softening resin in a household in Faridabad, Haryana : Need advice regarding advantages, costs and recharge frequency

I live in Faridabad. We have a borewell supllied water. TDS ranges from 2500 to 3200 depending on the weather. Water is very hard (we had our water pipes clogged in appx 7-8 years with lime like substance)

We recently got an RO istalled & TDS came down to 330. Now we have been advised to have a salt based Softener installed. The tank recommended will store around 85 kgs of resin. We are a joint family of 11 people with approximate daily water consumption 1100 ltrs.

Please advice:
a) Will it be good to have the softener installed?
b) Will the tank size/ resin quantity be good enough for our requirements?
c) What is the ideal recharge frequency for resin & how much salt should be used at each recharge?

  Arun Gupta