Waste management at tourism sites- Need contacts of organisations and other details for project implementation

From R. K. Anil, Endogenous Tourism, UNDP, New Delhi

Posted 21 February 2007
Dear members,

UNDP is implementing the Endogenous Tourism Project (ETP) in 36 villages spread over 20 states across the country, in collaboration with Government of India. The objective of this project is to provide sustainable livelihoods to communities in rural areas through tourism based on art, craft, and natural endowment. The project is being implemented in the field through grassroots NGOs and Panchayats.

One of the major challenges faced by the project is waste management in these villages, which is not only a desirable feature for the success of tourism but also essential for enhancing the quality of life of inhabitants in terms of sanitation and public health.

We are planning to design a mix of location-specific social and technical solutions (low cost and appropriate) to address the issue of waste management comprehensively in a sample of our project villages, in close coordination with existing NGOs and Panchayat partners. I am aware that some organizations such as Thanal (Kerala) and Sulabh have successfully demonstrated models and projects in different areas related to waste management. I would be grateful if members could provide me the following:

  • Names of organizations (NGOs or otherwise) based anywhere in India which have developed models for waste management in tourism sites
  • Details such as costs, method of implementation, learnings, etc. of models developed by them

This will help us explore seeking their help in achieving our objectives on waste management at various sites under the Endogenous Tourism Project.

Please see attachment below for the responses.