Want to know about the possibilities of the revival of project to purify arsenic contaminated water in New Delhi

Few years ago I had supplied water containers to a firm to purify arsenic from drinking water. This project was run with the help of the UNO, WB, ADB AND WHO. Also the chemicals to remove arsenic from drinking water was supplied by UNO to the NGO on unit bases.

The name of the NGO is R.P.M. Marketing Pvt Ltd, C 23  Friends Colony, New Delhi. I had supplied the materials way back in 2000-2002, so at present I do not have their contact number.

The project was run for three years very successfully, but after the 9/11 attack, all the grants were withdrawn and project was abandoned mid-way. After that I am not in touch with that NGO. If you deem it fit and see any ray of hope to revive the project, I will try and contact the NGO.

With regards

P. K. Agrawal
R 7/7, Rajnagar
Ghaziabad, UP (INDIA)