Two test reports: Need clarification on the selection of water purification method,in Rourkela, Orissa

I am living in Rourkela, Orissa. I have  a bore well connection for water supply. There are two problems I am facing:

1. Every drop of water  leaves a white mark behind. This white mark is powdery n can be scratched with some effort. All the utensils and all the sanitary items on which water has fallen have become spotted. They disapear when washed with water n then reappear when dry. I guess its calcium.

2. Secondly all the water outlets be it taps , shower etc get jammed very frequently and reduce water supply speed. On opening them i find hard light green and white deposits on the edges of the wire mesh filters inside the taps and all the holes plugged along with it. They are a little difficult to remove.

I think the water is hard. We sent the water for testing to Govt lab. It says

total hardness: 140 ppm
calcium hardness: 123
Mag Hardness: 17
Chloride: 62 ppm
Sulphate 22 ppm
PH: 8.5
alkalinity: 200 ppm

Another testing was done by a private water purification solution provider:
It says:

ph: 8.5
chloride: 86 ppm
sulphate: 22 ppm
Hardness(Calcium) : 300 ppm

So I am confused to what mode of water treatment that I should follow. Does following the recommendations of the company to install an ion exchange unit make sense in light of the above data? Or should I get the same re - tested further? Kindly advice.

Apurv Agarwal