Treating chlorine poisoning in a turtle in Bhubaneswar, Orissa : Need the estimate of residual chlorine in a water sample and its adverse effects on water organisms

I am a post-graduate student in Veterinary Surgery from Orissa Veterinary College. I am facing a great problem in treatment of an tortoise poisoned with the excess amount of residual chlorine in a well.

Kindly help me in treat the tortoise by providing me information:

1.      What are the adverse effects of residual chlorine on the fresh water organisms particularly on tortoise?

2.      What are the easily available methods and / equipments for estimation of residual chlorine in water body? I have searched on internet and found orthotolidine method. Will it be suitable and cost effective?

3.      Would you please provide me name of some organization or institute in Bhubaneswar from where I can get help regarding this matter?

4.      What is the standard for residual chlorine in drinking water? Is it 0.2mg/lit or 0.5mg/lit?

5.      What is the actual composition of bleaching powder? Is it only hydrated lime or sodium hypochlorite or combination of anything else?

With regards,

Subharaj Samantara
M.V.Sc., Veterinary Surgery,
Orissa Veterinary College,
O.U.A.T., Bhubaneswar-751003, Orissa,
Mob – 09438184509