There is decreased water flow from a 350 ft borewell - Impeller of pump damagaed due to sand/silt, need help with this


I am using 1.5 HP, 20 stage single phase borewell motor and pump in my home for 350 feet water in my borewell. I had installed this sytem 1.5 years back and I had no problems with this until last week.

Now we find that the water output is very low, so I checked the panel board and found a capacitor had been worn out. So I replaced it on the same day and again the water pressure and output was very low compared to earlier.

When I asked the engineer they told that, due to sand/slit the impeller at the pump could have been damaged or worn out. So he recommended to change the pump and place some fine filters such that to prevent the entry of sand into the pump.

Over the last two years we could have pumped atleast 100kg of sand from the borewell. Usually the pump consumes 12-14 amps current and nowadays after this reduced water pressure and outflow it is consuming about 9-10amps current. Need help with this.