TDS & hardness of borewell and metrowater in Chennai, Tamil Nadu - Need advice on making the water potable

Our apartment complex in Kalakshetra Colony, Chennai, has both borewell and municipal (metrowater) water supply. However, for drinking purposes, many of us are procuring packaged drinking water from local suppliers. We have two overhead tanks, one for metrowater and the other for borewell water.

A recent test showed the following:

1. Metrowater: TDS-260, hardness-125
2. Borewell: TDS-540, hardness-450

Our question is, what options do we have to derive optimum benefit of the water supply available to us.


1. Can the borewell water be made potable?
2. What are the effects of mixing the borewell and metrowater by interconnecting the water tanks?

Thank you for your attention.

Mr. Appanramanathan