Suitable pump for 225 feet borewell

Requesting advice / opinion to select a suitable pump set for 225 ft bore well

We have dug a new bore well with following characteristics. Total depth of the bore well: 225 ft Laterite segment; top 10 -15 feet down Yellow paste clay; up to 80 feet down rock; from 80 feet till bottom of the well, water was found.

At around 135 feet, strong water pressure was found. After 200 feet, diameter of outer casing: 5 inch Diameter of well in rock, 4.5 or 4.75 inch at 180 feet the drilling technicians told the water availability is around 500 feet per hour, while at 225 feet they told us its around 6000-8000 litres per hour. I would like to get your opinion on the pump set type to be used and the capacity. Compressor type is not our choice as the water output from it may be low and the high electricity consumption. Thank you