Solution needed to resolve muddy water from 130 ft bore depth

Getting muddy water in our borewell


We dug a borewell just 20 days back. According to the person who dug the bore, at 110 ft, a rock layer was found, and from 130 ft  to 140 ft loose soil was there. From 140 to 180 soft rock was present, and again in 180 to 190 loose soil, and finally from 190ft onwards again rock was there. We dug till 450 ft and we have put 10 inch PVC pipe till 75ft, and up to 120ftt 7 inch MS pipe was put, and then finally till 325ft filter pvc pipes were put to filter the silt. As soon as the bore was dug, the filter pipe was also erected but the pipe has gone only till 325 ft.

We also did the compressor cleaning till 320 ft again, and the bore was closed till 240 ft where we installed the submersible pump 2 HP texmo in 2 stages. The motor was jammed because of the silt. The soil is coming with the water from 130 feet with good speed through the slotted pipe.

Now we have spend money again and removed the motor. Now I am not sure of what to do. Can anyone give me the correct guidance, as I am totally confused? Has this bore gone waste, and we must forget all this money spent? Or is there any solution to this?