Re-Drilling the same borewell again. Advice needed


We have drill a borewell 2 month ago (2nd March 2022). There was no water till 100 ft and then they keep drilling hard rock upto 300ft. We waited for 2 hours and found few buckets of water while flushing. I still went with inserting casing and after 3 days there was water at 70feet.

Current condition:

1. Now I can pump water for 30minutes and then it gets dry. It needs another 3 days to store water. 

2. There is just one borewell at a house after 150 meter from my site who did drill upto 500ft.

3. Someone suggested me to again drill same borewell upto 500 to 600 ft.

Is it possible to drill same borewell again? What happens to existing inserted casing? Would it worth spending money for Re-Drilling the bore?

I am good with spending additional money but not sure if its good idea or just impractical the way I am thinking. What would happen to the foundation/beams which is developed on site in last 2 months, will have have any issue while drilling.




29 April 2022