Query on whether water supply is the builder's responsibility or the government

Who pays for water - the builder or the government?

I am resident of Ganapati Vihar of Durg district/city of Chhattisgarh. We have only row houses. Coloniser/builder has built a common overhead tank which is filled by borewell water and is supplying this water to individual house tank twice a day. Coloney has been develop in 03 phase. First phase residents have paid lumpsum maintenance charges for 10 yrs of which 4.5 yrs has lapsed. Residents of 2nd & 3rd phase have paid lumpsum maintenance charges for 3 yrs which 4.5 yrs completed in March 2016. Now, Durg Municipal Corporation is ready to provide potable water to colony. Builder is asking residents to deposit Rs. 5000/- per house to be deposited to municipal corporation and bill shall be raised on individual name. Residents are confused whether we should pay this amount or it is builder's responsibility to arrange the Municipal water connection to individual houses. Please guide.