Query on usage of water from Borewell

Will the water level in our bore remain same if we we don't use bore-water for 2 months in a typical summer season?


We have a bore of 510ft deep in our apartment with a water depth of 250ft and the pump is placed at a depth of 450ft. Now the association has place restrcition on timings for water supply from the overhead tank. The timings are an hour morning & evening per day. They claim that this way water can be saved. So every day they run the motor for 3 hours to fill the overhead tank(if it is empty) but will allow water only for an hour.

 So here my question is...

Are we really going to save the share of water in our bore? After reading the groundwater basics in the site, I understand that even if we use the groundwater or not, the water table will go down further considering the cases of having neighbors bores or reduced supply of water into the aquifer where our bore has been laid.

My point is if we use or we dont use our water in the bore, the water level will continue to reduce and also neighboring bores will continue to take their share of water in the current aquifer.

Please advise whether our sacrifice will help us really or it will simply benefit the otheres? Also, please note that we do have rain water harvesting pit in our premises to recharge during the monsoon.


SatyaKiran Watts