Query on how to reopen a closed borewell

Need information on borewell


I have a borewell that I dug 2 years back, whose depth is 1000 ft. I got water at 850',but after 10 days of pumping water, the water suddenly stopped. When i checked with the bore well digger, he suggested to take the motor out and check it. When we tried to take the motor out we got to know that was stuck and now, it is not coming out. with the pipe, cable and the motor inside. We tried scanning the borewell with camera and found that at 450', it has got closed. and while trying to take the pipe out it got cut in between and fell inside.

Now is it possible to redrill the borewell with the pipe and motor inside? Probably the motor might have gone down. and if someone could redrilll upto 900', this will helpo me getting water.

So the question is, is it possible to redrill with the pipe inside? if some one has any ideas, please let me know.