Query on filters for ground level water sumps and overhead tanks

Too much dust accumulation


I stay in an apartment society with around 200 flats. The water we get is borwell water and many a times lot of dust particles get accumulated in the  taps. We use borewell water for all the 200 flats as there is no supply of corporation water.

Every 15 days I am forced to clean the dust that gets accumulated at the taps. My understanding this is due to direct usage of borewell water. The water heaters and flush tanks are also facing problems like leakages as dust is getting accumulated in the pipes. We first want to get rid of the dust.

Please can you advise on the following:

  1. Will installation of filters solve this problem?
  2. Where to install these filters - ground level tanks or overhead tanks?
  3. Which kind of filters to be installed?
  4. Any links or company references with feedback.

Thank you

Vamsidhar Nandiraju