Query from Devarao Shivaram Trust, Bangalore, Karnataka : Need inexpensive solutions for providing quality drinking water

Original Query: Subhash Mehta, Devarao Shivaram Trust, Bangalore
Posted on: 16th August 2005

All human beings require a daily intake of about 2 litres per person, essential to expel the toxins accumulated with the intake of solids and or liquids, most of which now have heavy metal and other residues, higher than the minimum acceptable levels and therefore a cause of many terminal diseases. The water provided by the water management boards is treated with chemicals to make it ''safe'' and frequently also gets contaminated with sewage water, particularly during the monsoons.

The ''solution'' as seen in the last decade, has been the shift to household electric water purifiers and high cost bottled drinking water (safe but 'dead' water) affordable only by a few. Surely this is not a solution, as it does not compare with the quality found in pure mountain streams & springs. This is the quality we should be aiming for and need to replicate as it would be one of the major factors in the good health of the nation.

My query is: Does anybody have a simple, inexpensive and sustainable solution that can be used to provide quality, chemically free and safe drinking water? If so, what are your experiences and the issues that you are facing in getting your solution adopted?

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