Query on borewell water usage

Borewell information needed

Dear Sir,

I am planning to go for bore before I start constructing my house. In this area, we can get borewell water in 400ft. I will have a sump of 5000litres capacity. In my area, they should provide water, which is enough for one house usage. After 5years, I have a plan to construct 1st floor (another 2 houses).

My question is, If i go for borewell now, water consumption will be less for 5years. After constructing 1st floor, water consumption will be more (For 3houses). So

  1.  Will I get enough water after 5years? Some persons saying that we couldn't get water after 5years if we do not use borewell regularly.
  2. Do I go for bore well now?

Please suggest what the best option will be