Query on borewell problem

Boswell only supplying 10min of water


The borewell we dug was 6 1/2", initially we had dug 135feet. Contractor said we got loose soil after 60feet and he advised a casing pipe till 135 feet. We agreed and put casing pipe till 135 feet. We got stone at 135-140feet, hence continued drilling till 560feet. Contractor said we have got 1" of water. We have installed a Crompton 3hp, 4" , 3phase pumpset, at 510 feet. We switched on the for the first time and we got water for15min and then the water flow stopped. Again we gave a gap for 30min and turned on the pump, and got water for 10min and then it stopped.

Kindly let me know what is going wrong, we need expert advise.