Query on borewell on hardrock

2 failed hardrock borewells in BHEL layout


We drilled a borewell last year with the depth of 880feet, as advised by hydro geologist Mr Anil barooni. There was 60 feet casing after which there was a single rock, but we recieved only half inch of water. We then scanned the borewell through a camera after 9months and found that there was water after 200 feet. The camera man told us that there was a source near 430feet, and no more beyond it.

So we moved to the second borewell point given by 3 geologist. Last week we started to drill it, but the same situation has occured. We went down till 1000feet , but there  was not a single drop of water found.

I'm under great tension as I wanted to construct a house here, but there seems to be no water here.  How can I get rid of this problem? Some one has suggested to go for hydrofracturing as this method works. Please let me know your views on it,

Thank you

Tippu Khan