Query on bio septic tank implementation for an aprtment

How good is a bio septic tank?

Hello All,

Our apartment was constructed 5 years back in Medavakkam, Chennai. We don't have an underground drainage system and we have to clear out our septic tank every month. Our building contractors mentioned they had implemented soak pits, but it seems the soil is not absorbing the water. We are not sure, if there was a soak pit as the septic tank is fully plastered with no contact to the ground.

Anyway, the frequency of the tank getting filled up has increased and now we need to clear it out once in every 4 days. After a lot of research, we came to know that there is an non filling bio septic tank option. There the sludge will be converted to fluids and it will be then sent to an evaporating tank . I would like to know how effective is this system?

The bio septic company told us, we dont have to clear out the drains ever after this. We need to just recharge it with bio tablets once in a year. Please let me know if any one has implemented it and if its true that it require low maintenance after implementation.