Query on best way to dig borewell upto 100-150ft depth by using best equipment tools

Need help for a 150ft borewell


I'm from Vizag,A.P and I need help to dig borewell at my home, as I have no idea about this subject. In my area availability of water is at 100-120ft, my preference for depth of borewell is 150ft, dia of bore is 6.5", casing of UPVC/PVC, pressure 6kg/sqcm, upto30ft is 7" 6kg, after30ft to 150ft it is 5" 6kg. What type should be the top casing? Any other things please let me know. Do mention the pump selection criteria, whether submersible preferred, the gap between bottom to the pump, it's rating, the top companies in this field etc. What will the quantity of water needed for 4 people and the size of the overhead tank, and it's brand too.

Thanking you 

Suresh Kosuri