Queries regarding selection of borewell sites and drilling season in Chiplun, Maharashtra

Which is the best season/time to go for borewell ? I am from Chiplun, Maharashtra State, where rainy season starts from 2nd week of June, so in our locality everyone (people who want to drill borewell) drill borewell in the month of April & May only. But due to more demand in these particular months and limited borewell companies, many people wont get chance to drill borewells.

I have identified 1 spot (in May-2008) by one expert where he did some verification by earth resistivity meter where he assured that @45 feet there is water of 0.75 inch and he suggested for to go for open/tube well.

If I decide to drill borewell on the same spot in December-2008, will it be advisable to do so ? As its not possible to drill in April/May-09 as there is very less chance to get drill by borewell company because of thier busy schedule and remote location of my village and it wont possbile for me to be present during april-may because of job nature.

So should I take chance to drill borewell in December-08?

Satish Kadam

4 December 2008