Pump suitable for a borewell

Suitability of a compression or submersible pump


We have an query regarding recommendation of a compression pump / submersible pump for use in our native place, Midnapore District, West Bengal. We have shallow / borewell installed which is currently working via hand pump. The borewell is 600 feet deep, with 70 - 80ft having 4in pipe and remaining 520-530 ft having 2in pipe. During summer water levels go below 80 ft, which makes the handpump very difficult to operate.

A submersible pump will not fully work during summers when the water level goes below 150 ft. I guess, there are no submersible pumps to be installed in 2in pipe. Plumbers are suggesting drilling a new shallow with 4in upto 200 ft and then installing submersible pump. This is very costly proposition given we already have an existing installation. Use is fully domestic.

We were exploring compression pump, but the plumber suggested that this may lead to the underground shallow pipe bursting. However a friend of ours, a chartered civil engineer, suggests that compression pump is fully safe, provided we select the correct horsepower.

In this regard we request your help and technical expertise to understand what would be the right way forward.